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go around
(British also) go round

Translation of go around British also go round in Spanish:

  • 1verb + adverb 1.1 (move, travel, be outdoors) we were advised to go around in twos or threes
    nos aconsejaron que anduviéramos en grupos de a dos o tres
    he went around to different publishers
    fue a ver a varios editores
    she goes around in a Cadillac
    anda por ahí en un Cadillac
    to go around with somebody
    andar con alguien
    he goes around with some funny characters
    anda con gente muy rara
    to go around -ing
    ir por ahí + gerund
    you can't go around saying things like that!
    ¡no puedes ir por ahí diciendo esas cosas!
    1.2 (circulate)
    it's a bug that's going around
    es un virus que anda (por ahí)
    1.3 (be sufficient for everybody) there are enough forks to go around
    hay tenedores (suficientes) para todos
    there aren't enough to go round
    no alcanzan
    no hay suficientes
    she added some water to it to make it go around
    le agregó agua para que diera or alcanzara para todos
    1.4 (revolve)
    dar vueltas
    I have this idea going around in my head
    le estoy dando vueltas a esta idea
    1.5 (visit) I'll go around and see him
    iré a verlo
    we went around to Arthur's last night
    anoche fuimos a casa de Arthur
  • 2verb + preposition + object 2.1
    (turn) (corner)
    dar la vuelta a
    dar vuelta (Southern Cone)
    2.2 (avoid, make detour)
    2.3 (visit, move through)
    in the afternoon we went around the castle
    por la tarde visitamos el castillo
    to go around the world
    dar la vuelta al mundo
    he went around the house looking for defects
    recorrió la casa buscando defectos
    he went around several companies trying to sell his idea
    fue a or recorrió varias compañías tratando de vender su idea
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