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American English: /ɡɑd/
British English: /ɡɒd/

Translation of God in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1
    Dios (masculine)
    God be with you [archaic]
    vaya (usted) con Dios [dated]
    God bless (you)
    que Dios te bendiga
    goodnight, God bless
    hasta mañana si Dios quiere
    God rest his soul
    que en gloria esté
    que Dios lo tenga en su gloria
    as God is my witness …
    Dios es testigo or pongo a Dios por testigo de que …
    God willing
    si Dios quiere
    Dios mediante
    he thinks he's God's gift to women [colloquial]
    se cree todo un don Juan [colloquial]
    se cree que las mujeres se mueren por él
    God helps those who or as help themselves
    a Dios rogando y con el mazo dando
    ayúdate que Dios te ayudará (Latin America)
    1.2 (in interjectional phrases) God!
    ¡Dios (santo)!
    God Almighty!
    ¡bendito sea Dios!
    God, I was terrified!
    ¡Dios or Jesús, qué miedo pasé!
    oh, God, I don't know!
    ¡y yo qué sé!
    by God, I'll make him do it!
    ¡como que me llamo Ana ( or Carlos etc. ) que lo va a hacer!
    dear God!
    ¡Dios mío!
    dear God, please let them be all right!
    Dios mío, que no les pase nada
    good God, is that the time?
    ¡uy Dios!, ¿ya es tan tarde?
    my God, he's got a nerve!
    ¡Dios, qué cara tiene!
    God knows I did my best!
    bien sabe Dios que hice todo lo que pude
    what will you do next? — God knows!
    ¿y ahora qué vas a hacer? — ¡ni idea! or ¡(y) qué sé yo! or ¡sabe Dios!
    God only knows what they're doing in there!
    ¡quién sabe qué estarán haciendo ahí dentro!
    I wish to God I hadn't come
    ojalá no hubiera venido
    I hope to God it never happens
    Dios quiera que nunca suceda
    would to God that I had never met her [literary]
    ¡maldita sea la hora en que la conocí!
  • 2
    also: god
    (deity, idol) ye gods! [humorous] [dated]
    ¡oh dioses! (dated or humorous)
    now he's boss, he's become a little tin god
    ahora que es director se ha convertido en un pequeño dictador
    Example sentences
    • What if the God at issue is the Trinitarian God of Christian worship and theology?
    • She was advised to pray to the God of the Christians, who has power over all spirits.
    • Even the Christian God at times would come into my dreams and makes himself known.
    Example sentences
    • Both had wide platforms built around them in stone and mud, with three images of entwined snake gods embedded in the mud, close to the tree trunks.
    • You're likely to by killed by a pant-dampening array of ferocious animal gods.
    • A mountain is god, a river is god, and animals have natural and supernatural values.
  • 3
    also: gods plural
    (Theatre) (British) the gods
    el gallinero
    la galería
    la gayola (Mexico)
    el anfiteatro (Chile)
    Example sentences
    • I feel robbed at not having the chance of sitting in the gods humming along with the line quoted below.
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