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Pronunciation: /gʊd/

Translation of good in Spanish:

adjective/adjetivo (comparative/comparativo better superlative/superlativo, best)

The usual translation of good, bueno, becomes buen when it precedes a masculine singular noun.

  • 1 [food/quality/book/school] bueno a good wine un buen vino, un vino bueno a good year for Beaujolais/films un buen año para el Beaujolais/el cine the soup was really good la sopa estaba buenísima or riquísima it smells good huele bien, tiene rico or buen olor (Latin America/América Latina) it looks good tiene buen aspecto her French is very good habla muy bien (el) francés my one good tablecloth el único mantel bueno que tengo in good condition en buen estado this hotel is as good as any you'll find here este hotel es de los mejores que hay por aquí nothing's too good for his little girl su hijita tiene que tener lo mejor de lo mejor, todo es poco para su hijita to come good (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] our team came good in the end al final nuestro equipo salió adelante when will that boy come good? ¿cuándo sentará cabeza ese chico? to make good tener* éxito he's bound to make good with his experience con la experiencia que tiene, seguro que tendrá éxito to make good sth I made good the mistakes corregí los errores he undertook to make good the damage to the car se comprometió a hacerse cargo de la reparación del coche our losses were made good by the company la compañía nos compensó las pérdidas the plasterwork will all be made good el revoque se dejará en condiciones they made good their threat/promise cumplieron (con) su amenaza/promesa she can be trusted to make good (on) her offer podemos confiar en que haga efectiva su oferta to make good one's escape lograr huir
  • 2 (creditable) [work/progress/results] bueno she consistently gets good marks in history siempre saca buenas notas en historia they've made a very good start in the race han empezado muy bien la carrera he got a very good degree se recibió con muy buena nota (Latin America/América Latina) , sacó muy buenas notas en la carrera (Spain/España) he came a good second llegó en un muy respetable segundo puesto at least he had a good try por lo menos lo intentó
    Example sentences
    • In the second half Windermere used their substitutes to good effect to produce two more goals.
    • It's good for my fitness, and hopefully it will stand me in good stead when I get back to the club.
    • The second period saw Brigg use the flanks to good effect and in the final quarter they ran away with the game.
  • 3 (opportune, favorable) [moment/day/opportunity] bueno is this a good time to phone? ¿es buena hora para llamar? this is as good a time as any es un momento tan bueno como cualquier otro it's a good chance for you to meet them es una buena ocasión para que los conozcas it's a good thing you remembered it menos mal que te acordaste it's a good job nobody was listening [colloquial/familiar] menos mal que nadie estaba escuchando it would be a good thing to consult her/if she were consulted sería bueno or no estaría mal consultárselo/que la consultáramos things are looking pretty good right now [colloquial/familiar] (en este momento) las cosas van muy bien you're looking good (American English/inglés norteamericano) [colloquial/familiar] todo va bien
    Example sentences
    • It took us about six months to develop a good code that we all understood.
    • September is a good month to do some heavy digging, especially if you have clay soil.
    • It is a good month to look around gardens, because June is a time of abundance.
  • 4 (advantageous) [deal/terms/investment/position] bueno I've had a very good offer me han hecho una oferta muy buena at a very good price a muy buen precio she's a good person to have around es una persona que conviene tener cerca a good person to avoid una persona a la que hay que evitar
  • 5 (useful, suitable) [advice/suggestion/plan] bueno it's a good book for reference es una buena obra de consulta burn it; that's all it's good for quémalo, no sirve para otra cosa it's a good idea to let them know in advance convendría or no sería mala idea avisarles de antemano good idea!, good thinking! ¡buena idea! it seemed like a good idea at the time en aquel momento nos ( or me etc) pareció una buena idea
  • 6 (healthy, wholesome) [diet/habit/exercise] bueno he is in good health está bien de salud I'm not feeling too good [colloquial/familiar] no me siento or no me encuentro muy bien spinach is good for you las espinacas son buenas para la salud or son muy sanas all this sun can't be good for your health tanto sol no puede ser bueno para la salud he drinks more than is good for him bebe demasiado or más de la cuenta she has been good for him ella le ha hecho mucho bien marriage seems to be good for her parece que el matrimonio le sienta bien
    Example sentences
    • What is really required is a good standard of health care delivered locally.
    • A good standard of maths is also required as there is a high mathematical content to the course.
    • The school was also commended for its good standard of care and guidance given to children.
    Example sentences
    • In good form on the PGA Tour this year, the American is in good shape for a strong finish on Sunday.
    • For the sake of a couple of dollars' worth of eyedrops the whole village would have good eyesight.
    • It was so flat that if you had good eyesight you could look into the far distance and see the back of your own head.
  • 7 (attractive) she's got good looks es muy bonita or guapa she's got a good figure tiene buena figura or buen tipo she's got good legs tiene buenas piernas that dress looks so good on her ese vestido le queda or le sienta muy bien the picture looks good on that wall el cuadro queda bien en esa pared
  • 8 8.1 (virtuous, upright) [man/woman] bueno twelve good men and true doce hombres justos the Good Book la Santa Biblia 8.2 (kind) buenoto be good to sb she was very good to me fue muy amable conmigo, se portó muy bien conmigo the firm has been very good to me la empresa se ha portado muy bien conmigo it was very good of you to come muchas gracias por venir how good of them to take so much trouble! ¡qué amabilidad de su parte, tomarse tantas molestias! would you be so good as to help me? ¿me haría el favor de ayudarme?, ¿tendría la bondad de ayudarme? [formal] your good lady (British English/inglés británico) [dated or hum] su señora esposa including your good self incluyéndolo a usted my good man/woman [dated/anticuado] mi buen amigo/buena amiga good old Pete el bueno de Pete
    Example sentences
    • A kind neighbour with a good word for all, Mae was highly thought of by all who knew her.
    • Yet the Nevilles have been good to him, generous with their help and advice.
    • Evelyn was a grand neighbour and kind friend and her good deeds were many over the years.
    8.3 (well-behaved) [child/dog] bueno be good sé bueno, pórtate bien be a good boy and fetch me my pipe sé bueno y tráeme la pipa don't do it again, that's o (British English/inglés británico) there's a good boy! y no lo vuelvas a hacer ¿eh? good boy! ¡muy bien!
  • 9 9.1 (in greetings) say good night to daddy dale las buenas noches a papá she kissed me good night me dio un beso de buenas noches how are you? — I'm good [colloquial/familiar] ¿cómo estás? — estoy bien good morning, good afternoon, good evening 9.2 (in interj phrases) good! now to the next question bien, pasemos ahora a la siguiente pregunta good for you! bien hecho good God! ¡Dios mío! good heavens! ¡Santo Cielo! good grief/gracious! ¡por favor! very good sir/madam [formal] lo que mande el señor/la señora [formal] very good, ma'am, I'll have that report for you right away muy bien señora, ahora mismo le traigo el informe that's all, sergeant — very good, sir! (British English/inglés británico) eso es todo sargento— ¡a sus órdenes mi teniente ( or capitán etc)!
  • 10 (pleasant) bueno to be in a good mood estar* de buen humor the good things in life las cosas buenas de la vida he loves the good life le gusta la buena vida we had good weather nos hizo buen tiempo I hope you have a good time in London espero que te diviertas or que lo pases bien en Londres did you have a good flight? ¿qué tal el vuelo? a good time was had by all todos disfrutaron muchísimo it's good to be back home/to see you again ¡qué alegría estar otra vez en casa/volverte a ver! it's good to feel the sand between your toes es un gustazo sentir la arena entre los dedos it's too good to be true es demasiado bueno para ser cierto I thought it was too good to be true ya decía yo que no podía ser verdad
    Example sentences
    • This side have a good hunger and they've got desire and they are good qualities to have.
    • Perhaps Edinburgh people are more confident of having good jobs and money in the future.
    • She was given the task of bringing me up and instilling reasonably good values in me.
  • 11 (decent, acceptable) bueno children from good homes don't do such things los niños de buena familia no hacen esas cosas to have a good name/reputation tener* buen nombre/buena reputación to make a good marriage casarse bien, hacer* una buena boda (Spain/España) they have a good marriage son un matrimonio feliz he simply isn't good enough for her (ella) se merece algo mejor
    Example sentences
    • Finally, everybody thinks that you are a good person by virtue of your job.
    • In the case of the conjoined twins we saw two good moral traditions at work.
    • He had, we must suppose, good moral reasons for seeking to pursue that course of action.
    Example sentences
    • This section of the Code sets out basic rules of good practice that all clubs and individuals must observe.
    • A Swindon primary school is needed to help research links between good behaviour and fish oils.
    • Council solicitor John Emms has had to remind councillors of the importance of good behaviour.
  • 12 (sound) [customer/payer] bueno my credit's still good todavía tengo crédito he should be good for $50,000 debe poder llegar hasta 50.000 dólares she's good for twenty pounds seguro que te presta unas veinte libras this ticket is good for another week este billete vale para una semana más this car's good for a few years yet a este coche todavía le quedan unos cuantos años por delante the ball is good [Sport/Deporte] la pelota es buena
    Example sentences
    • Yet what is said to be good in one religion may not be good in another religion.
    • Merton, confused, answered, “I guess what I want is to be a good Catholic.”
    • A good socialist would not have such aspirations.
  • 13 13.1 (skilled, competent) [doctor/singer/sportsman] bueno I've finished — good boy/girl! ya he terminado — ¡así me gusta! or ¡muy bien! he's not a good liar no sabe mentir he's no good in emergencies en situaciones de emergencia no sabe qué hacer she's/he's good in bed es muy buena/bueno en la cama she's very good in the kitchen cocina muy bien they're better in defense than in attack son mejores en la defensa que en el ataque she has a very good ear/eye tiene muy buen oído/buena vistato be good at sth/-ing to be good at languages tener* facilidad para los idiomas he is very good at sewing cose muy bien I'm good at crosswords soy bueno para los crucigramas he's good at putting his foot in it es un experto en meter la pata [colloquial/familiar] he is good on old coins sabe mucho sobre monedas antiguas he is good with dogs/children tiene buena mano con or sabe cómo tratar a los perros/los niños she is good with her hands es muy habilidosa or mañosa he's very good around the house se da mucha maña para los arreglos de la casa 13.2 (devoted, committed) [wife/husband/parent/friend] bueno a good Catholic/socialist un buen católico/socialista
    Example sentences
    • But like a pair of trusty brown brogues, it served its master well and was good at what it did.
    • The best thing about my quiz is that it genuinely measures how good at magic you are.
    • Rev Palmer said she was extremely good at her job as a beauty therapist and was skilled as a masseur and in skin care.
  • 14 (valid) [argument/excuse] bueno it's not good enough to say you can't do it no alcanza or no basta con decir que no puedes hacerlo it's simply not good enough! ¡esto no puede ser!, ¡esto es intolerable! without good reason sin dar una buena razón or una razón de peso that's a good question! ¡buena pregunta! that's a good one! [ironic] ¡ésa sí que es buena! [irónico]
    Example sentences
    • This single ride ticket is good for travel on August 10th only.
    • Your ticket is good for travel on all trams, trains or buses.
  • 15 15.1 (substantial, considerable) [meal/salary/distance] bueno it's a good way hay un buen trecho it's a good four kilometers está a cuatro kilómetros largos, está a unos buenos cuatro kilómetros she's making good money está haciendo mucho dinero there's a good chance of rain tomorrow hay bastantes posibilidades de que llueva mañana there were a good many o (in British English also/en inglés británico también) a good few people there había bastante gente or un buen número de personas allí 15.2 (not less than) it'll take a good hour va a llevar su buena hora or una hora larga a good half of all the people interviewed más de la mitad de los entrevistados it's a good mile from here queda a por lo menos una milla or a una milla larga de aquí
    Example sentences
    • This weekend is shaping as a very good game and it should be played in front of a good size crowd.
    • The goal spurred the home side on, and cheered by a good sized crowd they looked the more likely to score.
    • The rooms in The Moorings are generous and bright, while the back garden is a good size.
  • 16 (thorough, intense) [rest/scolding] bueno I'll feel better when I've had a good night's sleep me sentiré mejor cuando haya dormido bien I gave her a good talking-to le eché un buen sermón or un sermón de los buenos
    Example sentences
    • Besides, the girl needed to have a good cry, a thorough, good, hard and long cry.
    • He invited many a look of surprise on days when he parked the plane on the front lawn so he could give the garage a good spring clean.
    • Then he gave himself a good shake, and set to the task of a good clean and groom.
  • 17 [colloquial/familiar] (for emphasis) I'll do it when I'm good and ready lo haré cuando me parezca the water's good and hot el agua está bien caliente it's good and strong es bien fuerte
    Example sentences
    • I think the accusations against him on this kind of thing go back a good ten years at least.
    • James Goodwin was at least a good three inches shorter AND was half his size when it came to body weight.
    • However, used-car buyers should rejoice in the fact that they at least tried for a good few years.
    Example sentences
    • This is fed by conventions used in a good many American mainstream films in particular.
    • She chose an old white dress she hadn't worn in a good many years, so no one would recognize it.
    • Dance in and out, start with a good strong jab and then follow with the power right.
  • 18as good as it's as good as new está como nuevo you'll soon feel as good as new pronto estarás or te sentirás como nuevo he as good as admitted it prácticamente lo admitió she as good as told him to go away le dijo poco más o menos que se fuera, prácticamente le dijo que se fuera


  • 1 1.1 uncountable/no numerable (moral right) bien (masculine) to do good hacer* el bien the triumph of good over evil el triunfo del bien (sobre el mal) there is some good in everyone todos tenemos algo bueno he may be rude but there is a lot of good in him puede que sea grosero pero tiene muchas otras cosas buenas an influence for good una influencia beneficiosa to be up to no good [colloquial/familiar] estar* tramando algo, traerse* algo entre manos 1.2 (people) the good (+ plural verb/+ verbo en plural) los buenos
  • 2 uncountable/no numerable 2.1 (benefit) bien (masculine) for the common good por el bien común or de todos for the good of sb/sth por el bien de algn/algo it's for your own good es por tu (propio) bien for good or ill para bien o para mal no good will come of it nada bueno saldrá de ello it's all to the good tanto mejor it's all to the good that he did marry her hizo bien casándose con ella to do sb/sth good hacerle* bien a algn/algo lying won't do you any good at all mentir no te llevará a ninguna parte, no ganarás or no sacarás nada con mentir it did him a lot of good politically lo favoreció políticamente much good may it do you! [ironic] ¡para lo que te va a servir! for all the good it has done me … para lo que me ha servido … to be in good with sb [colloquial/familiar] estar* a bien con algn 2.2 (use) this knife is no good (at all) este cuchillo no sirve (para nada) is this any good to you? ¿te sirve esto? what's the good of lying? ¿para qué or de qué sirve mentir?, ¿qué se gana or se saca con mentir? are you any good at drawing? ¿sabes dibujar? I'm no good at looking after children yo no sirvo para cuidar niños this book is no good este libro no vale nada 2.3 (in phrases) for good para siempre for good and all de una vez por todas
  • 3
    (goods plural)
    3.1 (merchandise) artículos (masculine plural), mercancías (feminine plural), mercaderías (feminine plural) (South America/América del Sur) manufactured goods productos (masculine plural) manufacturados, manufacturas (feminine plural) knitted goods artículos (masculine plural) or (Spain/España) géneros (masculine plural) de punto stolen goods artículos robados to come up with o deliver the goods [colloquial/familiar] cumplir con lo prometido the singer really delivered the goods la cantante estuvo a la altura de lo que se esperaba de ella to get/have the goods on sb (American English/inglés norteamericano) [colloquial/familiar] obtener*/tener* pruebas contra algn (before noun/delante del nombre) [train/wagon] (British English/inglés británico) de carga; [depot] de mercancías, de mercaderías (South America/América del Sur) 3.2 (property) [formal] bienes (masculine plural) all his worldly goods todas sus posesiones goods and chattels (British English/inglés británico) bienes (masculine plural) muebles


  • 1 (as intensifier/como palabra enfática) a good hard slap un bofetón bien dado, un buen bofetón a good sharp knife un cuchillo bien afilado it's been a good long while since … ha pasado su buen tiempo desde … you messed that up good and proper, didn't you? (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar] metiste bien la pata, ¿no? [colloquial/familiar]
  • 2 (American English/inglés norteamericano) [colloquial/familiar] 2.1 (well) bien did I do good, Pop? ¿lo hice bien, papá? 2.2 (thoroughly) bien go after that guy and fix him but good sigue a ese tipo y dale una lección bien dada [colloquial/familiar] now you listen to me, and you listen good ahora escúchame, pero escúchame bien

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