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American English: /ɡræb/
British English: /ɡrab/

Translation of grab in Spanish:

transitive verb present participle grabbing past tense, past participle grabbed

  • 1 (seize)
    he grabbed me by the arm she grabbed the money (away) from me
    me arrebató el dinero
    the advertisement grabbed my attention
    el anuncio me llamó la atención
    to grab the headlines
    saltar a los titulares
    Example sentences
    • Lauren walked faster, scared now, and she was still trying to place the voices when suddenly she felt someone grab her roughly around the waist.
    • Suddenly, he grabs her savagely by the arm and throws her at the nearest wall.
    • Two pairs of hands grabbed me roughly by the arms and started dragging me up the steps.
    Example sentences
    • I excused myself quickly, grabbing a muesli bar on the way out of the kitchen and I shut myself in what was to become my bedroom.
    • I quickly grab a seat with Jake and Emily at the rear of the room.
    • We first stopped off at my house so i could quickly get changed and grab some money.
  • 2 (appropriate)
    apropiarse de
    apoderarse de
    I grabbed the window seat
    me agarré el asiento de la ventanilla
    cogí el asiento de la ventanilla (esp Spain)
  • 3 (eat, take hurriedly) [colloquial]I'll just grab a hamburger somewhere
    me comeré una hamburguesa en algún sitio por ahí
    grab a seat
    agárrate un asiento (Latin America) [colloquial]
    coge asiento (Spain)
    Example sentences
    • Yep, I'm using an attention grabbing headline again to get you to read the article.
    • The voice is so attention grabbing, right from the first paragraph.
    • I try to strike a balance between attention grabbing and classical designs.
  • 4 (appeal to) [colloquial]
    how does that grab you?
    ¿qué te parece?

intransitive verb present participle grabbing past tense, past participle grabbed

  • don't grab, wait your turn
    no arrebates, espera que te toque a ti
    to grab at somethingshe grabbed at the rope
    trató de agarrar la cuerda
    he grabbed at the chance
    no dejó escapar la oportunidad


  • 1 (snatch) to make a grab for something
    tratar de agarrar algo
    I made a grab at her arm to stop her falling
    quise agarrarla del brazo para que no se cayera
    the cat made a grab for the mouse
    el gato se abalanzó sobre el ratón
    up for grabs [colloquial]the job is up for grabs
    el puesto está vacante or libre
    her room is up for grabs
    su habitación ha quedado libre or disponible
    Example sentences
    • As soon as I put weight on my feet I lost my balance and fell, only a quick grab for the headboard of my bed saved me from crashing to the floor.
    • Many companies want to make a quick grab for market share or return on investment, and with high prices both objectives can be harder to achieve.
    • I made a quick grab for her and pulled her down to the bed with me.
  • 3 (Mechanics)
    pala (feminine) (de una excavadora)
    Example sentences
    • The lessons had still not been learned by November the following year, when the mechanical grab ripped up part of a late medieval barge near Trig Stairs.
    • Their modern tracked cranes equipped with grabs and magnets can be seen operating at the dockside in Sligo harbour.
  • 4 (Computing, Television) (still image)
    Example sentences
    • One exception could be the ability to take screen grabs from live video and ship them immediately via e-mail.
    • The exhibit features a mélange of mediums, including drawings, photocopied photographs and video frame grabs.
    • They had used video grabs taken 2km into the march every three minutes throughout the five hour event.
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