Translation of grant in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /grænt; grɑːnt/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 [desire/request/wish] conceder God grant him eternal peace [literary/literario] Dios lo tenga en su gloria 1.2 [interview/asylum/right] conceder he was granted permission se le concedió permiso
    More example sentences
    • When asked for permission to reproduce a work she granted the request and refused payment.
    • Accordingly, whether to grant a relocation request is not a decision courts make lightly.
    • Near the end of the first semester, I requested and was granted permission to open a school store.
    More example sentences
    • However, Article 10 does not in itself grant a right of asylum or a right for an alien to stay in a given country.
    • Can powers granted by an enabling Act only be enlarged or modified by express words of authorisation?
    • The court ruled that international law does not grant the right of individuals to seek war damages from a state.
    1.3 [land/pension] otorgar*, conceder
  • 2 (admit)to grant (sb) that I grant that the plan is a good one reconozco que es un buen plan he has talent, I'll grant you that tiene talento, eso no te lo discuto
    More example sentences
    • Okay, that may be true Simon granted him, but he might be gay and he thought that London was an extraordinary example of feminine beauty.
    • I did have time to think ‘oh no’ (very useful, I grant you) and turn to follow her progress.
    • Especially since it's true (only an added benefit these days, I grant you.)
  • 3
    (granted past participle of/participio pasado de)
    3.1 (admittedly) granted, it's very expensive, but … de acuerdo, es muy caro, pero … to take sth for granted dar* algo por sentado or por descontado don't take her support for granted no des por sentado or por descontado que te ( or nos etc) va a apoyar he realized he'd taken her for granted se dio cuenta de que no había sabido valorarla 3.2 (assuming) granted that it all goes according to plan … suponiendo que todo salga de acuerdo con lo previsto … granted his cooperation, success seems assured si contamos con su colaboración, el éxito está asegurado


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