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ground 1

American English: /ɡraʊnd/
British English: /ɡraʊnd/


  • 1 uncountable (land, terrain) marshy ground
    terreno pantanoso
    high ground
    terreno elevado
    a patch of ground
    un área de terreno
    to be on dangerous o slippery ground
    pisar terreno peligroso
    to be on one's own ground
    estar en lo suyo
    to be on safe o firm o solid ground
    pisar terreno firme
    once he began talking about architecture, he was obviously on firmer ground
    se notó que estaba más seguro de lo que decía cuando empezó a hablar de arquitectura
    to be sure of one's ground
    saber qué terreno se pisa
    to change o shift one's ground
    cambiar de postura
    to fall on stony ground
    caer en saco roto
    to gain/lose ground
    ganar/perder terreno
    the Republicans have managed to regain ground lost in previous elections
    los republicanos han logrado recuperar el terreno perdido en elecciones anteriores
    the treatment is gaining ground in the medical world
    el tratamiento está ganando adeptos entre los médicos
    to give ground
    (in argument) ceder terreno
    (in battle) replegarse
    ceder terreno
    to make ground (Sport)
    acortar distancias
    to stand/hold one's ground
    (in argument) mantenerse firme
    no ceder terreno
    (in battle) no ceder terreno
    Example sentences
    • While in the air, he watched as a tractor pulling a plow cut a dark line of earth across an expanse of ground.
    • In 1757, he leased a back house and some ground adjoining his premises on Cork Hill.
    • Grass surpluses have developed on grazing ground on many farms at present following recent good growth.
    Example sentences
    • Just before a cottage, go right at a green marker-post and follow a path across marshy ground to a gate in the fence to your right.
    • Cross marshy ground to a cairn, and after 300 yards you will reach the trig point on top of Auchineden Hill.
    • Houses included piled structures with stone hearths set in marshy ground.
  • 2
    also: grounds plural
    (gardens) jardines (masculine plural)
    parque (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • The building, the grounds and surrounding area are untidy.
    • In contrast to the grounds surrounding the house, this area had been neatly trimmed and landscaped.
    • During their weeding and cleaning the pupils also learned much about the horticulture of the grounds surrounding the church buildings.
  • 3 uncountable
    (surface of the earth) suelo (masculine)
    we sat on the ground
    nos sentamos en el suelo
    the ground was too hard to dig
    la tierra estaba demasiado dura para cavar
    the eagle was soaring high above the ground
    el águila volaba a gran altura
    the rail link runs below ground
    el enlace ferroviario es subterráneo
    as soon as we got above ground
    en cuanto salimos a la superficie
    the ball ran along the ground
    la pelota rodó por el suelo
    to fall/drop to the ground
    caer al suelo
    to crash to the ground
    estrellarse contra el suelo
    the house burned to the ground
    la casa quedó reducida a cenizas
    the village was razed to the ground
    el pueblo fue arrasado totalmente
    the pilot was waiting for intructions from the ground
    el piloto estaba a la espera de instrucciones de tierra
    I wished the ground would open up and swallow me
    hubiera querido que la tierra me tragara
    pensé 'tierra, trágame'
    from the ground up on the ground (British English) thick/thin on the ground (British English) [colloquial]celebrities were thick on the ground at the première
    había muchos famosos en el estreno
    orders have been very thin on the ground recently
    últimamente han escaseado mucho los pedidos or ha habido muy pocos pedidos
    to break new o fresh ground to cut the ground from under somebody/somebody's feethis evidence cut the ground from under the prosecuting lawyer's feet
    sus declaraciones echaron por tierra el argumento del fiscal
    his sudden change of mind cut the ground from under me
    su inesperado cambio de opinión echó por tierra todos mis planes
    to get off the ground (plan/project)
    llegar a concretarse
    it was a long time before the talks got off the ground
    pasó mucho tiempo antes de que las conversaciones empezaran a encaminarse
    to go to ground (British English)
    meterse en la madriguera
    to prepare the ground for something
    preparar el terreno para algo
    to run somebody/something to ground
    dar con algo/alguien
    to run o work oneself into the groundyou're working yourself into the ground
    te estás dejando el pellejo en el trabajo [colloquial]
    to suit somebody down to the ground [colloquial]she said she wasn't going, which suited me down to the ground
    dijo que no iba, lo cual me vino de perillas or de perlas [colloquial]
    that hat suits you down to the ground
    ese sombrero te queda que ni pintado [colloquial]
    to worship the ground somebody walks on
    besar la tierra que pisa alguien
    (before noun) (conditions)
    del terreno
    de tierra
    por tierra
    their ground game is suspect
    sus pases bajos son bastante flojos
    Example sentences
    • In spring you kill the vetch by simply cutting it close to the ground, and then lay it in place on the beds.
    • He froze and lay close to the ground, his entire body choked up with uncontrollable fear.
    • Light rails are too buslike to impress most commuters, too squished and close to the ground.
  • 4 uncountable (matter, subject) it is impossible to cover all the ground in two lectures
    es imposible desarrollar todos los aspectos del tema en dos conferencias
    we covered a lot of ground in our discussions
    tratamos muchos puntos en nuestras conversaciones
    we're going over the same ground again
    estamos volviendo sobre lo mismo
  • 5 countable (outdoor site) football ground (British English)
    campo (masculine) de fútbol
    cancha (feminine) de fútbol (Latin America)
    United has not been beaten on its own ground this season
    United no ha perdido en casa esta temporada
    camping ground
    zona (feminine) de acampada
    testing o proving ground
    campo (masculine) de pruebas
    terreno (masculine) de pruebas
  • 6 uncountable
    (American English) (Electricity)
    tierra (feminine)
    a connection to ground
    una conexión a tierra
    (before noun) (terminal/wire)
    de tierra
  • 8 (justification) (usually plural) grounds for concern
    motivos de preocupación
    grounds for divorce
    causal (masculine) de divorcio
    on legal/financial grounds
    por motivos legales/económicos
    por razones legales/económicas
    on grounds of ill health
    por motivos de salud
    there are grounds for thinking o believing he's dead
    existen razones para pensar or creer que ha muerto
    they refused to do it, on the grounds that …
    se negaron a hacerlo, alegando or aduciendo que …
    Example sentences
    • That may give them grounds for a constitutional challenge on the grounds of equality and of guarantees not to endow any religion.
    • But in a case such as the present where the bad faith of the plaintiff is not alleged, I can see no basis for the implication of a representation of reasonable grounds for belief.
    • However, interest-based financing systems can neither be justified on the grounds of efficiency nor on the basis of economic justice.
  • 9
    also: grounds plural
    (dregs) coffee grounds
    posos (masculine plural) de café

transitive verb

  • 1 (usually passive) 1.1 (base)
    the events showed our fears to be well grounded
    los acontecimientos revelaron que nuestros temores eran fundados or justificados
    Example sentences
    • The brilliant synthesis was grounded in his own practical experience.
    • This radical political practice was grounded in an equally radical theology.
    • The music is soulful while being grounded in the aesthetic and working practices of jazz.
    1.2 (instruct)to ground somebody in something
    dar a alguien buenos conocimientos or una buena base de algo
    he is well grounded in German
    tiene una sólida base en alemán
  • 2 2.1
    retirar del servicio
    all flights are grounded on account of fog
    debido a la niebla no despegará ningún vuelo
    the captain will be grounded until after the investigation
    el capitán permanecerá apartado de su cargo hasta una vez finalizada la investigación
    Example sentences
    • He had been praised for a mission where he rescued injured youngsters in atrocious flying conditions which had grounded every other aircraft.
    • Some flights to the US could be grounded after the airline pilots' union called on its members not to fly with armed sky marshals on board.
    • He said the airline has grounded the pilot with pay while executives investigate the incident.
    2.2 (child/teenager) (esp American English) [colloquial]I can't go out tonight; I'm grounded
    no puedo salir esta noche, estoy castigado or no me dejan
    Example sentences
    • Being grounded by your parents will be treated as an unexcused absence.
    • I was kicked out of the altar serving program and I was grounded by my parents for a good month.
    • The social ostracism extends to grounding the child or even making him go to bed early.
  • 3 (Nautical)
    hacer encallar
    Example sentences
    • Initially it seems that the ship is grounded as solidly as a breakwater, but after a while the creaks and groans are evidence of movement, however slight this may be.
    • Yesterday, salvors were also hard at work on the cargo ship Sagitarius, which is grounded on the rocks off Leaches Bay.
    • If river levels sink too low, barges could be grounded and agriculture thrown into chaos.
  • 4 (Sport) (in US football, rugby)
    poner en tierra
    (in baseball) (ball)
    hacer rodar
    he grounded the ball to short (stop)
    bateó un roletazo or (Venezuela) un rolling al short stop
    Example sentences
    • However replays showed his foot went into touch as he grounded the ball.
    • The irony is that he would have been two strokes better off had he not been penalised for grounding his club in a bunker during Thursday's first round.
    • However, he made no attempt to ground the ball and ran touch in goal for what should have been a certain try.
    Example sentences
    • The batter grounded out, shortstop to first, and the runner from second rounded third and attempted to score on the play.
    • He started Game 6 at first base and grounded out to first in his only at-bat.
    • He ended the inning by grounding out to third.
  • 5 (American English) (Electricity)
    conectar a tierra
    Example sentences
    • The method further includes contacting the second metallization layer with a conductive liquid that is electrically grounded.
    • And since this pipe extended a considerable distance below ground, it served as an adequate basis for grounding the entire electrical system.
    • The spark plugs must be grounded to complete the electrical circuit.

intransitive verb

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There are 2 entries that translate ground into Spanish:

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ground 2

American English: /ɡraʊnd/
British English: /ɡraʊnd/


  • (coffee/pepper)
    ground rice (British English)
    Example sentences
    • This is not always necessary as some butchers sell finely ground mince.
    • Richworth produce a fine ground up trout pellet that is ideal for my purposes.
    • Remove from the oven, dry on paper towels and then toss them in the cumin, chilli and salt and freshly ground pepper.
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