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(past tense of/pasado de grew past participle of/participio pasado de, grown)
Pronunciation: /grəʊ/

Translation of grow in Spanish:

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 [plant/crop/flower] crecer*; [hair/nail/horn] crecer* heather grows abundantly in Scotland el brezo crece or se da en abundancia en Escocia the leaves don't grow until the spring las hojas no salen hasta la primavera a cherry tree grows in our garden tenemos un cerezo en el jardín
    Example sentences
    • Unlike a moving fibroblast, however, the extending axon also grows in size, with an accompanying increase in the total surface area of the neuron's plasma membrane.
    • It seemed that the dot grew slightly in size as the intensity setting was increased.
    • Max's whole body had grown in size in around a minute; instead of being his usual 6'4, he was now around 7 to 8 feet tall.
    Example sentences
    • Grass grew, foliage returned to trees' canopies, and blooming flowers proliferated.
    • Nitrate is the main source of nitrogen for most plant species growing in aerobic soils.
    • Grass grows well enough there, but it's usually found in raggedly in orchards, or on fields for animals to eat.
  • 2 2.1 (get bigger, taller) [person/animal] crecer* how you've grown! ¡qué grande estás!, ¡cómo has crecido! I've grown (by) an inch, I've grown an inch taller he crecido una pulgada pythons can grow (to) more than 20 feet long o to a length of more than 20 feet las pitones pueden llegar a medir más de seis metros de largo 2.2 (develop spiritually, emotionally) madurar 2.3 (expand, increase) [city/company/institution] crecer*; [quantity/population] aumentar; [suspicion/influence/optimism] crecer*, aumentar club membership is still growing el número de socios del club sigue aumentando invest with us and watch your money grow invierta con nosotros y vea crecer su dinero output/demand grew by 40% la producción/demanda aumentó en un 40% the economy is growing again la economía vuelve a experimentar un período de crecimiento or expansión his confidence grew as he became more experienced su confianza en sí mismo iba aumentando or creciendo a medida que adquiría experiencia to grow in popularity/importance/intensity crecer* or aumentar en popularidad/importancia/intensidad
    Example sentences
    • Cities in Afghanistan didn't grow because of the rivers; they grew up because they were on the ring road or connected to it.
    • Second, it seeks to reverse the insidious culture of division that has grown up around the existence of these principles.
    • At some point, a complex wooden network began to grow up the walls of the entrance area.
    Example sentences
    • It penetrated through the houses, shaking the earth and pounding the eardrums of a garbled populace which had gradually grown accustomed to the noise.
    • Initially he supported its Congregationalist ideology, but gradually grew dissatisfied.
    • A distant drumming could be heard gradually growing louder and louder.
  • 3 3.1 (become) to grow tired cansarse to grow fatter engordar to grow careless/contemptuous volverse* descuidado/desdeñoso to grow indifferent to sth volverse* indiferente or insensible a algo to grow dark oscurecerse* (at dusk) oscurecer*, anochecer* to grow smaller hacerse* más pequeño to grow old envejecer*, volverse* viejo the signal grew fainter and fainter la señal se hacía cada vez más débil she grows more beautiful each day cada día que pasa está más guapa the weather grew better/worse towards the end of the month el tiempo mejoró/empeoró hacia finales de mes we've grown used to having a dishwasher nos hemos acostumbrado a tener lavavajillas he grows more like his father every day cada día que pasa se parece más a su padre 3.2 (get)to grow to + infinitive/infinitivo she grew to love him llegó a quererlo, se fue enamorando de él I grew to hate the routine llegué a odiar aquella rutina she'd grown to expect that of him se había acostumbrado a esperar eso de él

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (cultivate) [flowers/plants/crops] cultivar 1.2to grow a beard/mustache dejarse (crecer) la barba/el bigote to grow one's hair/nails (long) dejarse crecer el pelo/las uñas if deer lose their antlers they can grow new ones si un ciervo pierde sus astas le pueden salir nuevas
    Example sentences
    • Some grass is grown on the farm for hay or silage, together with swede, turnip or kale for winter forage because grass growth declines drastically in the winter.
    • These trees are easily grown from seed which germinates very quickly.
    • The range of flavors is determined by where this plant species is grown and how it's processed.
  • 2 [Business/Comercio] [company] desarrollar
    Example sentences
    • The last has seen the highest increase in price in the last year, growing in value by 15.4%.
    • Money and its availability is usually the primary concern for all budget holders while the latter is growing in importance and complexity.
    • It's a procedure that's growing in popularity in America, and especially here in Hollywood.

Phrasal verbs

grow apart

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
[friends] distanciarse [couple] they were growing apart su relación se estaba enfriando

grow away from

verb + adverb + preposition + object/verbo + adverbio + preposición + complemento
distanciarse de

grow from

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
[idea] surgir* de, nacer* de [literary/literario]

grow into

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
1.1 (become) convertirse* en 1.2 (grow to fit) she will soon grow into these dresses pronto podrá usar or le quedarán bien estos vestidos

grow on

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
[colloquial/familiar] the song grew on me gradually la canción poco a poco me empezó a gustar the kind of music that grows on you el tipo de música que llega a gustar con el tiempo

grow out

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio to wait till a perm grows out esperar hasta que el pelo crezca y se pueda cortar la permanente 1.1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento to grow a perm out dejarse crecer el pelo hasta poder cortarse la permanente

grow out of

verb + adverb + preposition + object/verbo + adverbio + preposición + complemento
1.1 [habit] perder*, quitarse ([ con el tiempo o la edad ]) isn't it about time you grew out of these tantrums? ya eres mayorcito para que te den estas rabietas ¿no? it's just a phase, she'll grow out of it son cosas de la edad, ya se le pasará 1.2 [clothes] she's grown out of those shoes already esos zapatos ya le quedan chicos or (Spain/España) le están pequeños 1.3 [idea] surgir* de, nacer* de [literary/literario]

grow together

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
hacerse* más amigos, intimar since his death, the children have grown closer together su muerte ha unido aún más a sus hijos or ha reforzado el vínculo entre sus hijos

grow up

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
1.1 (spend childhood) criarse* she grew up in New York se crió en Nueva York 1.2 (become adult) hacerse* mayor when I grow up … cuando sea grande or mayor … grow up! ¡no seas infantil! to grow up into sth convertirse* en algo, llegar* a ser algo I want them to grow up into warm human beings quiero que se conviertan en or que lleguen a ser personas con calor humano she grew up to become the first woman to … llegó a ser la primera mujer que … 1.3 (arise) [friendship/custom/feeling] surgir*, nacer* [literary/literario] their business has grown up out of nothing su negocio ha surgido de la nada a small township grew up around the mine un pequeño poblado se desarrolló alrededor de la mina

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