Translation of growth in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /grəʊθ/


  • 1 u 1.1 (of animals, plants, humans) crecimiento (m) 1.2 (personal development) crecimiento (m) personal
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    • It generates a sense of wellbeing and energy and is a powerful tool for personal development and spiritual growth.
    • They should also benefit from broader opportunities for personal growth and development.
    • The above concepts are useful to guide personal growth and development.
  • 2 u c 2.1 (of population, city) crecimiento (m); (of quantity) aumento (m) 2.2 [Busn] (of industry, business) crecimiento (m), desarrollo (m), expansión (f); (of profits, demand) aumento (m) economic growth crecimiento or desarrollo económico 2.3 (of influence, affection) aumento (m) growth in popularity/importance/status aumento de popularidad/importancia/prestigio
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    • A growth in the amount of books on herbs and their properties also begins later in the century.
    • By extension, growth in human population leads to an increase in demand for food, water and other natural resources.
    • This figure might be viewed as the product of high demand meeting artificially low supply rather than being based on steady growth in rental values.
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    • We found no difference in growth rate or size of individuals as a function of coating thickness.
    • In particular, size and growth rate are related to movement behavior in a complex manner.
    • They varied greatly in age, size, growth rate, and geographical areas covered.
  • 3 3.1 u (what grows) prune away the dead branches to make way for the new growth pode las ramas secas para dejar crecer los brotes nuevos several days' growth of beard una barba de varios días 3.2 c [Med] bulto (m), tumor (m)
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    • This is the start of a cancerous growth, or cancer tumour.
    • Often called the silent killer, colon cancer is believed to begin when polyps or small benign growths evolve into cancer.
    • Fibroids are benign growths (not cancer) in the muscular wall of the uterus.

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