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American English: /ɡɑrd/
British English: /ɡɑːd/

Translation of guard in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (watch over)
    the door is heavily guarded
    tienen la entrada muy vigilada
    I asked him to guard the suitcases
    le pedí que vigilase las maletas
    to guard something/somebody against something/somebody or from something
    proteger algo/a alguien de or contra alguien/algo
    Example sentences
    • It's believed the soldiers will guard the control tower, the large fuel tanks and parts of the runway at certain times.
    • US soldiers guarding the gate usually stand about 20 yards from the road behind coils of barbed wire and concrete barriers.
    • He was not surprised when he saw soldiers guarding the gates.
    Example sentences
    • Since I was one of the few women, and the only unarmed prisoner, I was guarded in a more lax manner than the others.
    • Seventy percent of those who guard women prisoners are men.
    • We do have people contracted to guard prisoners.
    1.2 (in chess, cards)
    1.3 (US) (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • His stance is not quite as low as it would be guarding the ball handler, but he is still down and ready to move.
    • Sometimes you'll have your back slightly turned to guard the ball.
    • The closer to the basket your player is, the closer you should guard them.


  • 1 1.1 countable (sentry, soldier) the Guards (in UK)
    regimiento (masculine) de la Guardia Real
    bank/security guard
    guarda (masculine or feminine) jurado/de seguridad
    prison guard (US)
    carcelero (-ra) (masculine, feminine)
    oficial (masculine or feminine) de prisiones
    Example sentences
    • Also, we will assign two guards to watch your every move on this establishment.
    • I set up a guard duty to watch for trouble and set to work deciphering the messages that would explain the runes.
    • I am protected by guards, have access to cars, the entire secure compound, you name it.
    1.2 (squad) (no plural) the changing of the guard
    el cambio or el relevo de la guardia
    an honor guard or (British) a guard of honour
    una guardia de honor
    the old guard
    la vieja guardia
    la guardia vieja (Río de la Plata)
    Example sentences
    • The much-awaited change of guard in the military would follow the latest TNI reshuffle which affected 118 officers.
    • There is a change of guard at the top of the main reconstruction body.
    • A military honor guard was fired for saying ‘God bless you’ as he handed the flag over at funerals.
    1.3 countable (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • He'll be looking at cornerbacks, defensive tackles, outside linebackers, guards and receivers.
    • If this play is well-executed, the linebackers get caught pursuing the flow of the guards and running back to the right.
    • A guard, tight end or running back can help Jones, giving him an advantage in passing situations.
    Example sentences
    • He was quick enough to disrupt opposing guards anywhere on the floor while also using his size and strength to stop them.
    • It involves a high post player and both guards, or a medium post man and a guard and forward, on the ball side of the floor.
    • There are times it will be necessary for the two guards to switch these responsibilities.
    1.4 (Irish) (police officer)
    Example sentences
    • All I could see when I went out into my garden were Garda cars and around 10 guards and detectives around the field.
    • I sat in the police car and the guard put the seat belt on me.
    • It would certainly help when we only have four guards on patrol in Naas.
  • 2 uncountable (surveillance) to be on guard they stood guard over the jewels
    montaron or hicieron (la) guardia en el recinto donde estaban las joyas
    she ordered that an all-night guard be mounted outside the embassy
    ordenó que se montara guardia durante toda la noche frente a la embajada
    (before noun) guard duty
    Example sentences
    • The irrational fanatics might not heed to reason, but humanitarians must not become fatalistic and drop the guard of eternal vigilance.
    • Defenders of civil rights need to mount a vigilant guard.
    • The killers, if they are still alive, must be brought to justice and we have no alternative but to keep our guard up against the likelihood that there are others plotting to repeat the assaults.
  • 3 uncountable (in boxing, fencing) to take left/right guard
    cubrirse con la izquierda/derecha
    on guard!
    ¡en guardia!
    to be on/off (one's) guard
    estar alerta or en guardia/estar desprevenido
    he caught me off (my) guard
    me agarró desprevenido
    me cogió desprevenido (Spain)
    me tomó por sorpresa
    me cogió por sorpresa (Spain)
    his guard was up/down
    estaba/no estaba en guardia
    to lower or drop one's guard
    Example sentences
    • He used good defensive skills and a nice guard on the ropes to set up short hooks with both hands when Telesco got in close.
    • When Chi did open up, his work was either missing or hitting gloves and Brodie maintained good movement and a tight guard for the opening minute or so.
    • Taking turns with your partner drilling the swinging armbar from the guard is an example of this sort of drill.
  • 4 countable
    also: fire guard
    guardallama(s) (masculine)
    4.2 (on machinery)
    cubierta (feminine) ( or dispositivo (masculine) etc. ) de seguridad
    Example sentences
    • All the trees would be surrounded by guards to prevent damage from sheep and other animals.
    • To prevent tooth injuries, children should wear facemasks and mouth guards while playing sports.
    • The guard also prevents damage if the car bottoms-out over ruts or dips in the road.
    (around trigger) seguro (masculine)
  • 5 countable (precaution) a guard against error/theft/infection
    una protección contra los errores/el robo/las infecciones
    as a guard against mistakes
    para prevenir errores
  • 6 countable (British) (Railways)
    jefe (-fa) (masculine, feminine) de tren
    Example sentences
    • These were the employees who operated the railway: the station staff, the signalmen, the shunters and the guards on the trains.
    • Running staff, drivers of passenger and good trains, guards and locomotive inspectors are involved in the dispute.
    • Thousands of rail guards at train companies across the country are to be balloted on strikes in a long-running row over their safety role.

Phrasal verbs

guard against

verb + preposition + object
protegerse or precaverse contra
protegerse or precaverse contra
we must guard against that happening
tenemos que impedir que ocurra eso
tenemos que cuidarnos de que ocurra eso
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