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American English: /ɡaɪd/
British English: /ɡʌɪd/

Translation of guide in Spanish:


  • 1 (person) 1.1 (directing tourists)
    Example sentences
    • This has involved, for example, investigating the communicative tasks in Japanese facing Australian tour guides working with Japanese tourists.
    • The same practice of self-protection is evoked in locations where tour guides take tourists from Hong Kong and China to unsavoury haunts which arrange live sex shows.
    • I'd like to go back, and I'd like the place to myself for a few minutes, alone, without the braying tour guides and murmuring tourists.
    1.2 (adviser) I let my daughter be my guide
    me dejo guiar por mi hija
    Example sentences
    • So the Evangelical pastors often served as counselors, spiritual guides and confidantes.
    • She said their knowledge comes from the ‘Dreamtime’, their spiritual guide which teaches them how to hunt, the different skills they need and where to get food.
    • The former includes meditations on the precious human existence, impermanence, the defects of sasra, the workings of karma and the need for a spiritual guide or guru.
  • 3 (publication) a guide to New York
    una guía de Nueva York
    a guide to healthy living
    cómo llevar una vida sana
    Example sentences
    • Why do professional mountain guides always look lean, cut, and as if they could jog to the summit without breaking a sweat?
    • Sunil and Mohanto had worked as professional river and mountain guides at Rishikesh.
    • Fat-tired planes buzz the nearby airport, taking climbers, guides, and gear to mountain base camps.
    Example sentences
    • Solicitors recognise that many buyers are baffled by a lack of clear and comprehensive information and guides to talk them through the procedure.
    • She equipped herself with a little optimism, phrase books and travel guides, and clothes contained for overhead storage space.
    • Dictionaries range from language guides to handbooks of information arranged alphabetically on a range of topics.
  • 4 (indicator) to use or take something as a guide you can use the sun as a rough guide to your position
    te puedes guiar por el sol para tener una idea de dónde estás
    I use the colors as a guide these figures are a good guide to profitability
    estas cifras dan una buena idea de la rentabilidad
    Example sentences
    • I recognise that Letters to the Editor are not necessarily an infallible guide to public opinion.
    • Like sonata form it is not a rigid formula, and therefore the scheme illustrated can be taken as only a rough guide to its general features.
    • Third, we may interpret choice theory as an exploration of what it means to be rational and, possibly, as a guide to making sensible decisions, rather than as a description of how people act in practice.
  • 5 (groove, rail)
    Example sentences
    • Find a large, clean surface with room to lay out a rag, your tools and the removed wheels and bolts, axle guides, and heel brake where they'll stay put and in sight.
    • The wire guide directs the paper into a drive roller and idler set which pulls the paper from the printer and drives the paper downward so that it drops at about the center of the stack.
    • On the other hand, black wet glazed plug is caused by the burned oil leaking past the piston rings or valve guides as well as burning in the cylinder.

transitive verb

  • 1
    we were guided to the top
    nos guiaron or condujeron hasta la cima
    a priest guided them round the cathedral
    un sacerdote les hizo de guía en la catedral
    un sacerdote les mostró la catedral
    un sacerdote les enseñó la catedral (Spain)
    Example sentences
    • Whether grilling on the back porch or packing a picnic for the beach, there are many cookbooks available to guide you through the best of the season's culinary treats.
    • As a good postmodern who just wants to know which script I'm supposed to follow as the news guides me toward what I should think, I'm confused.
    • So, what we do in these countries is we select very quickly a strong local partner who can guide us through the systems and the processes needed to respond properly to the governments.
  • 2 (help, advise) be guided by your instinct
    déjate guiar por el instinto
    Example sentences
    • Politics is the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy.
    • However, its development has not been guided by any master plan.
    • From birth to death and from the rites of marriage to the most mundane aspects of daily life, the life of a Muslim is continuously directed, guided and influenced by the Qur'an.
  • 3 (steer, manipulate) (+ adverb complement) guide the rope through the steel rings
    pase la cuerda por los aros de acero
    the captain guided the ship between the rocks
    el capitán condujo or guió el barco por entre las rocas
    he guided the conversation away from personal matters
    desvió la conversación apartándola de lo personal
    he guided the nation through the crisis
    el país superó la crisis bajo su conducción
    Example sentences
    • Your doctor guides the needle into position using special x-ray equipment.
    • A second attempt by the RAF on the same day also failed when the four-and-a-half ton cross crushed a metal cone installed in a bid to guide the cross into position.
    • The role of troops on the ground has been minimised to a few elite forces positioned to guide the missiles in with lasers, heightening accuracy.
  • 4
    also: guiding present participle
    they need a guiding hand
    necesitan una mano que los guíe
    under the guiding hand of her father
    de la mano de su padre
    guiding light guiding principle
    principio (masculine) rector
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