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American English: /ɡət/
British English: /ɡʌt/

Translation of gut in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (intestine)
    Example sentences
    • Different strains infect different tissues and organs - lungs, guts, kidneys, livers, brains or reproductive systems.
    • A stoma is an artificial opening to or from the intestine (which is also known as the gut or bowel) on the abdominal wall usually created by a surgeon.
    • In some the problem has a behavioural basis, whereas in others there may be subtle neuromuscular abnormalities of the gut.
  • 2 countable (belly) [colloquial]
    barriga (feminine) [colloquial]
    panza (feminine) [colloquial]
    tripa (feminine) [colloquial]
    busarda (feminine) (Río de la Plata) [colloquial]
    guata (feminine) (Chile) (Peru) [colloquial]
    beer gut
    barriga de bebedor
    panza de pulquero (Mexico) [colloquial]
    to bust a gut (US) (laugh a lot)
    desternillarse or troncharse de risa
    doblarse de risa (Mexico)
    (British) (make great effort)
    herniarse [colloquial]
    echar los bofes [colloquial]
    (before noun) (reaction)
    it's just a gut feeling
    es algo visceral or instintivo
    Example sentences
    • If the President lined up every world leader in a line and systematically punched each of them in the gut in the name of unilateral diplomacy, would you still vote for him?
    • All of this has got to cause a churning in his gut.
    • Sims' basslines were jabs to the gut - physical in the extreme.
    Example sentences
    • I don't frankly like to base myself on instincts or gut feelings about this.
    • We commonly think of the intuition as a strong feeling, instinct, or gut reaction.
    • But you should develop the capacity to reflect on gut feelings rather than acting on them impulsively.
  • 3 uncountable (material) see alsoguts
    Example sentences
    • They look like the inner guts of extraterrestrial watches.
    • There are ten cables spilling out of a socket in the kitchen, white tubes that remind me of the guts of the robot in the Alien movie.
    • Somebody is selling a music player whose guts have been swapped with the innards of what looks like a $2 miniature toy electric guitar.

transitive verb present participle gutting past tense, past participle gutted

  • 1 (Cooking)
    Example sentences
    • After getting a few fish each, they swam in the pond before they went back to the beach to clean and gut the fish and prepare them for dinner.
    • Let the fishmonger scale, clean and gut the fish (I leave the head on).
    • Those who have gutted a deer or skinned a rabbit might have some idea of the extreme nature of what an edged weapon can do to flesh.
  • 2 (destroy inside of)
    destruir el interior de
    fire gutted the building
    el fuego destruyó el interior del edificio
    the builders gutted the whole building
    los constructores dejaron solo el esqueleto del edificio
    Example sentences
    • Forensic experts are still sifting through debris from the Newbridge Courthouse fire, which gutted the historic building last Thursday morning.
    • By this time, Mrs Hatley's old kitchen had been gutted ready for the replacement.
    • In the old city, many homes had been gutted and destroyed.
  • 3 (scour for quotations)
    entresacar citas de
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