Translation of habit in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈhæbət; ˈhæbɪt/


  • 1 1.1 c (usual piece of behavior) costumbre (f), hábito (m); (bad) vicio (m), mala costumbre (f), mal hábito (m) to have revolting habits tener* muy malos modales eating habits hábitos alimenticios as was her habit como tenía por costumbre to fall into bad habits adquirir* malas costumbres to break o cure a habit perder* or quitarse una (mala) costumbre his habit of always interrupting su (mala) costumbre de interrumpir todo el tiempo to be in the habit of -ing acostumbrar + inf, tener* por costumbre + inf to make a habit of -ing adoptar la costumbre de + inf don't make a habit of it que no se repita to have a habit of -ing tener* la manía de + inf to get sb into the habit of -ing acostumbrar a algn a + inf to get oneself into the habit of -ing acostumbrarse a + inf to get sb/oneself out of the habit of -ing quitarle a algn/quitarse la costumbre de + inf
    More example sentences
    • Jen's got a bad habit of working too hard on something though.
    • I know it's a bad habit, eating sweets in he morning, but strawberry shortcake is my favorite food.
    • I have a bad habit of voicing my own true opinions.
    1.2 u (customary behavior) costumbre (f) force of habit fuerza (f) de la costumbre out of sheer habit por pura costumbre 1.3 u (dependence on nicotine, drugs) the habit [colloquial/familiar] el vicio to break o kick the habit dejar el vicio he now has a $100-a-day habit ahora el vicio le cuesta 100 dólares diarios to be off the habit (AmE) [colloquial/familiar] haber* dejado la droga
  • 2 c [Clothing] hábito (m) a monk's/nun's habit un hábito de monje/monja
    More example sentences
    • Because I wore the habit of a religious order he saw me as a sort of expert, one who could get results.
    • Standing on a parapet of fictive marble, dressed in the brown habit of his order, St Francis gazes intently at a wooden crucifix held between his crossed hands.
    • In his last decade in Rome he lived in a home run by the Blue Nuns, an Irish order so called because of the color of their habit.
    More example sentences
    • They had already done their tests but were still in their dressage habit.
    • Because of the necessary fabrics to make habits hang correctly, I usually charge between $400-975 to create one.
    • The old lady's habit, formed of stiff brocade, gives her the appearance of a squat pyramid, with a grotesque head at the top of it.
    More example sentences
    • The series in fact comprises only two: one in the form of a monk's habit and cowl, and one depicting a pin-striped business suit and tie.
    • They were clothed in the Dominican habit at a special Mass in the church which was attended by their family and friends.

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