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American English: /ˈhændl/
British English: /ˈhand(ə)l/

Translation of handle in Spanish:


  • 2 2.1 (title) [colloquial]to have a handle to one's name
    tener un título
    2.2 (name) [slang]

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (touch) please do not handle the goods
    se ruega no tocar la mercancía
    handle with care I'd handle it more gently if I were you, it's very delicate
    yo que tú lo trataría con más cuidado, es muy frágil
    Smith handled the ball (in soccer)
    Smith tocó la pelota con la mano
    1.2 (manipulate, manage)
    he has no idea how to handle a saw
    no tiene ni idea de cómo se maneja or se usa una sierra
    great care is needed in handling these chemicals
    se debe tener mucho cuidado al manipular estos productos químicos
    too hot to handlethe situation was too hot to handle
    la situación era demasiado difícil or peliaguda
    Example sentences
    • The body itself can be handled and manipulated as though lacking in the capacity for self-propulsion.
    • It's foods that have been handled by the modern food technologists.
    • While the meal does not have to be eaten in its entirety, the food itself should be handled and treated with respect, since it represents the finest that the hosts can provide.
    Example sentences
    • Last month he was jailed for six months for handling the car, driving a high performance vehicle without the proper licence, and having no insurance.
    • The engine hummed to itself sweetly as she slid the unmarked patrol car into the flow of traffic, handling the vehicle with her usual style.
    • From there you've got to learn to handle your ship and get to grips with the most difficult part - docking with the space station.
  • 2 2.1 (deal with)
    he has no idea how to handle his staff
    no tiene ni idea de cómo tratar a sus empleados
    you have to handle him right
    hay que saber tratarlo
    he complained of being roughly handled by the police
    se quejó de haber sido maltratado por la policía
    to handle philosophical concepts
    manejar conceptos filosóficos
    he handled the situation very well
    manejó or supo llevar muy bien la situación
    you handled the interview very well
    te desenvolviste muy bien en la entrevista
    these decisions are best handled by professionals
    estas decisiones es mejor dejárselas a los expertos
    de estas decisiones es mejor que se encarguen or que se hagan cargo los expertos
    you keep quiet, I'll handle this
    tú no digas nada, yo me encargo de esto
    Example sentences
    • Both local and international human rights groups have criticized the handling of his trials as unfair, with Amnesty International labeling Anwar a political prisoner.
    • You will find that, on most ships, the staff is well accustomed to handling crowds and is skilled at moving passengers with dispatch and courtesy.
    • Some critics of the president's handling of Iraq are expressing deep concern the mission there is turning into a situation similar to what happened during the Vietnam War.
    Example sentences
    • You have to deal with it, handle it, cope with it.
    • My mother is not the sort of person who handles interpersonal interactions well, she finds them stressful and tends to burn her bridges too easily when she gets fed up with people.
    • Through a divorce and the death of my father I wasn't able to handle things like I did before.
    2.2 (cope with emotionally) [colloquial]
    poder soportar
    he can't handle the job
    no puede con el trabajo
    I can't tell him the truth; he couldn't handle it
    no puedo decirle la verdad; lo destrozaría
  • 3 3.1 (be responsible for)
    (business/financial matters)
    encargarse or ocuparse de
    the department handling your case
    el departamento que se encarga or se ocupa de su caso
    el departamento que lleva su caso
    Example sentences
    • You wouldn't think twice about hiring an accountant to handle the books.
    • I hired a local furniture guy who handles all of the hiring and personnel issues in Baghdad, where I have about 15 local employees.
    • McGonigle, who has moved from DDFH & B, where he handled the Baileys account, is to oversee a recruitment drive at the company.
    3.2 (do business in)
    comerciar con
    they were accused of handling stolen goods
    se les acusó de comerciar con objetos robados
    we don't handle their products
    no trabajamos sus productos
    Example sentences
    • He denies committing three of the burglaries, but admits handling goods stolen in the same house raids.
    • The judge at Bolton Crown Court, heard how he had a string of convictions for burglary, shoplifting and handling stolen goods dating back 14 years.
    • The youngsters, all under 16, have received a caution for handling stolen goods and have been released.
    3.3 (process) the dockers refused to handle the cargo
    los estibadores se negaron a tocar el cargamento
    the airport handles 300 flights a day
    el aeropuerto tiene un tráfico de 300 vuelos diarios
    this port can handle container traffic
    este puerto tiene la capacidad para recibir contenedores
    the machine can handle any thickness of material
    la máquina sirve para tela de cualquier grosor
    computers can handle vast amounts of data
    las computadoras pueden procesar enormes cantidades de datos
    the body's ability to handle certain foods is impaired
    la capacidad del organismo para asimilar or procesar ciertos alimentos se ve afectada
    there's too much work for two people to handle
    hay demasiado trabajo para dos personas

intransitive verb

  • this car handles well/rather awkwardly on bends
    este coche responde bien/no responde muy bien en las curvas

reflexive verb

  • to handle oneself
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