There are 2 translations of hawk in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /hɔːk/


  • 1.1 [Zool] halcón (m) to watch sb like a hawk no quitarle los ojos de encima a algn
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    • Bird watchers will be treated to the sight of caracara hawks, Florida sandhill cranes, and numerous other species.
    • If you're lucky, you can sight one of the smaller numbers of red-shoulder hawks, red-tail hawks and the elusive, endangered Peregrine Falcon.
    • Red-tailed hawks and turkey vultures circled above us in a blue sky.
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    • He explained to the judge he couldn't help himself out there under the blue sky, under the billowing clouds, way way up, the gliding buzzard hawks circling, circling, free as the breeze.
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    • The regular flying demonstrations give visitors the opportunity to see some of the 75 eagles, falcons, hawks, vultures and owls at close range.
    • Employees from Ashford Castle's school of falconry bring hawks and falcons to Rathroeen where they keep vermin and other birds at bay.
    • He enjoyed the atmosphere and, despite the distance, is interested in bringing his owls, hawks and falcons back down next year.
    1.2 [Pol] halcón (m), partidario, -ria (m,f) de la línea dura
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    • Americans may indeed be well served externally at this dangerous juncture by the unsentimental foreign policy hawks that tend to predominate in the Republican Party.
    • The administration hawks don't want disarmament, they want conquest; and whether or not they get to pursue it in this case, their overall objectives will not change.
    • Mirroring the shallowness of hawks, who condemn peaceniks for their lack of patriotism, many doves castigate anyone who is not opposed to war.

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There are 2 translations of hawk in Spanish:



  • he was hawking his wares in the street voceaba or pregonaba sus mercancías por la calle he hawked his invention around New York recorrió toda Nueva York tratando de vender su invento
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    • People are renting rooms, running taxis, selling ice-cream out of their front windows and hawking cigars and peanuts in the streets.
    • I felt a little uncharitable: maybe they were just honest but hard-up Grimsby trawlermen, reduced to hawking their catch on the streets.
    • By coincidence, the restaurant was across the street from where Bradbury was hawking newspapers.

Phrasal verbs

hawk up

v + adv + o

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