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American English: /hɛd/
British English: /hɛd/

Translation of head in Spanish:


  • 1 (Anatomy) to nod one's head
    asentir con la cabeza
    to shake one's head
    (meaning no) negar con la cabeza
    (meaning yes) (US)
    asentir con la cabeza
    my head aches/hurts a fine head of hair
    una buena cabellera
    to stand on one's head
    pararse de cabeza (Latin America)
    I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow
    me quedé dormido en cuanto puse la cabeza en la almohada
    from head to foot or toe
    de pies a cabeza
    de arriba (a) abajo
    he's a head taller than his brother
    le lleva or le saca una cabeza a su hermano
    to win/lose by a head (Horse racing)
    ganar/perder por una cabeza
    go and boil your head! [slang] [dated]
    ¡vete a freír espárragos! [colloquial]
    head over heelsshe tripped and went head over heels down the steps
    tropezó y cayó rodando escaleras abajo
    to be head over heels in love
    estar locamente or perdidamente enamorado
    he fell head over heels in love with her
    se enamoró locamente or perdidamente de ella
    heads up! (US) [colloquial]
    ¡ojo! [colloquial]
    heads will roll
    van a rodar cabezas
    on your/his (own) head be it
    la responsabilidad es tuya/suya
    allá te las compongas/se las componga [colloquial]
    they need their heads knocked together (British)
    necesitan que les den una buena lección
    to bang one's head against a (brick) wall
    darse (con) la cabeza contra la pared
    darse (de) cabezazos contra la pared
    to be able to do something standing on one's head
    poder hacer algo con los ojos cerrados
    to bite or snap somebody's head off
    echarle una bronca a alguien [colloquial]
    to bury one's head in the sand
    hacer como el avestruz
    to get one's head down [colloquial]
    (work hard) ponerse a trabajar en serio
    (settle for sleep) (British)
    irse a dormir
    to give head [vulgar]
    mamarla [vulgar]
    chuparla [vulgar]
    to give somebody her/his head
    darle rienda suelta a alguien
    to give a horse its head
    soltarle las riendas a un caballo
    to go over somebody's head (bypassing hierarchy)
    pasar por encima de alguien
    (exceeding comprehension) his lecture went straight over my head
    no entendí nada de su conferencia
    my sarcasm went right over his head
    no captó mi sarcasmo
    the discussion was way above my head
    la discusión era muy complicada para mí
    to go to somebody's head
    subírsele a la cabeza a alguien
    the wine's gone to my head
    se me ha subido el vino a la cabeza
    the promotion's gone right to her head
    el ascenso se le ha subido a la cabeza
    to hang one's head
    bajar la cabeza
    to have a big or swelled or (British) swollen head
    ser un creído
    tenérselo muy creído (Spain)
    don't tell him or he'll get a swelled or (British) swollen head
    no se lo digas, que se le van a subir los humos a la cabeza
    to have one's head in the clouds to hold one's head up or high or up high
    ir con la cabeza bien alta
    with head held high
    con la cabeza bien alta
    to keep one's head above water
    mantenerse a flote
    to keep one's head down
    (avoid attention) mantenerse al margen
    (work hard) no levantar la cabeza
    (lit: keep head lowered) no levantar la cabeza
    to knock something on the head [colloquial] to laugh one's head off to scream/shout one's head off
    gritar a voz en cuello
    to lay or put one's head on the block for somebody
    jugarse por alguien
    to make head or tail or (US also)heads or tails of somethingI can't make head or tail of it
    para mí esto no tiene ni pies ni cabeza
    can you make head or tail of these figures?
    ¿tú entiendes estas cifras?
    I've never been able to make head or tail of her
    nunca he logrado entenderla
    to rear one's ugly headracism/fascism reared its ugly head again
    volvió a aparecer el fantasma del racismo/fascismo
    to stand/be head and shoulders above somebody (be superior)
    darle cien vueltas a alguien
    estar muy por encima de alguien
    (lit: be taller) he is a good head and shoulders above his elder brother
    le lleva más de una cabeza a su hermano mayor
    to stand or turn something on its head
    poner algo patas arriba [colloquial]
    dar vuelta algo (Southern Cone)
    to turn somebody's headthe sort of good looks that turn heads
    el tipo de belleza que llama la atención or que hace que la gente se vuelva a mirar
    a girl who'd turn any young man's head
    una chica capaz de trastornar or de volver loco a cualquier joven
    winning the competition turned her head
    el haber ganado el concurso se le subió a la cabeza
    (before noun) head injury/wound
    lesión (feminine) /herida (feminine) en la cabeza
    Example sentences
    • Trying to determine the reason for the human logjam, I craned my neck trying to see over the heads of the rest of the parishioners.
    • Stretch your arms upwards and imagine you're trying to grasp something just above your head.
    • Gods are all represented as having animal heads, and bodies of humans.
  • 2 (mind, brain) my head was reeling or spinning
    la cabeza me daba vueltas
    I said the first thing that came into my head
    dije lo primero que se me ocurrió or que me vino a la cabeza
    I've got all the figures in my head
    tengo todos los datos en la cabeza
    she added it up in her head
    hizo la suma mentalmente
    don't worry or bother your head about that
    no te calientes la cabeza con eso
    no le des más vueltas al asunto
    he needs his head examined
    está or anda mal de la cabeza
    he has an old head on young shoulders
    es muy maduro para su edad
    she has a good head for business/figures
    tiene cabeza para los negocios/los números
    I've no head for heights
    sufro de vértigo
    I need to keep a clear head for the interview
    tengo que estar despejado para la entrevista
    use your head!
    ¡usa la cabeza!
    ¡piensa un poco!
    if we put our heads together, we'll be able to think of something
    si lo pensamos juntos, algo se nos ocurrirá
    it never entered my head that …
    ni se me pasó por la cabeza or jamás pensé que …
    to get something into somebody's head
    meterle algo en la cabeza a alguien
    he's got it into his head that …
    se le ha metido en la cabeza que …
    me, a Buddhist? what put that (idea) into your head?
    ¿yo budista? ¿de dónde sacaste eso?
    she took it into her head to become an actress
    se le antojó or se le metió en la cabeza que quería ser actriz
    to be off one's head [colloquial]
    estar chiflado [colloquial]
    estar or andar mal de la cabeza
    to be out of one's head [slang]
    (on drugs) estar flipado or volado or (Colombia) volando or (Mexico) hasta atrás [slang]
    (drunk) estar como una cuba [colloquial]
    to be soft or weak in the head
    estar mal de la cabeza
    are you soft in the head or something?
    ¿pero tú estás mal de la cabeza?
    ¿pero a ti te falta un tornillo? [colloquial]
    to have one's head screwed on (right or the right way) [colloquial]
    tener la cabeza bien puesta
    to keep/lose one's head
    mantener/perder la calma
    two heads are better than one to be in over one's head
    estar metido en honduras
    Example sentences
    • The drawing is from memory - from inside their heads - from their imaginations.
    • The Archdeacon led a minute's silence as the congregation held a picture in their heads of their favourite memory of the twins.
    • While I've a house full of things he gave me, and a head full of memories, this glorious sound is the best gift of them all.
  • 3 3.1
    (of celery) cabeza (feminine)
    (of nail, tack, pin) cabeza (feminine)
    (of spear, arrow) punta (feminine)
    (of hammer) cotillo (masculine)
    cabeza (feminine)
    (of cane, stick) puño (masculine)
    a head of lettuce
    una lechuga
    Example sentences
    • He wired up players with heart rate monitors and breathing sensors, and lights were attached to the heads of the putting clubs to allow their movements to be studied.
    • Pushing forth, he jabbed the head of the weapon into the greaves of the incoming phalanx.
    • Adjustment of the cutting heads allows a great variety of moldings to be manufactured.
    Example sentences
    • Now officers at Belmarsh prison, London, have discovered him building a bomb inside prison using match heads and nails from prison furniture.
    • Iron stains may be easy to diagnose because they are often near nail heads, screw heads or other hardware.
    • Countersink nail and screw heads that are sticking up above the surface.
    Example sentences
    • This is a traditional English variety, with tender stems and small leafy purple heads.
    • What about a head of crisp, green lettuce for that fresh salad you were wanting to prepare?
    • The Powley vegetable growers are running a competition for the biggest head of cabbage.
    Example sentences
    • It's an almost black beer with a creamy head, giving a subtle roasted coffee aroma.
    • We look at how we can extend the shelf life of beer and at improving foam - people equate freshness with a nice head of foam.
    • The purpose of a proper glass is to concentrate the aroma and allow a full head of foam to develop.
    Example sentences
    • The river head is the source not only of the property's water, but also of its joie de vivre.
    • With his wife and child, he had ridden seventy-five miles up the valley to meet the Mormon party near the head of Lemhi River.
    • In 1754, Virginia dispatched an army under Lieutenant Colonel George Washington to construct a fort at the head of the Ohio River.
    3.2 (top end)
    (of bed, table) cabecera (feminine)
    (of page, letter) encabezamiento (masculine)
    (of procession, line) cabeza (feminine)
    at the head of the list
    encabezando la lista, a la cabeza de la lista
    Napoleon was advancing at the head of 100,000 men
    Napoleón avanzaba a la cabeza de 100.000 hombres
    he retired after 20 years at the head of the company
    se jubiló tras 20 años al frente or a la cabeza de la compañía
    Example sentences
    • They made their way to the grand room where the King sat at the head of the long table.
    • Could you please position yourself at the bed's head?
    • I was put at the head of the table in between Teodora, and Ivan, her Serbian uncle.
    Example sentences
    • Many pitched tents more than a fortnight ago to make sure they were at the head of the queue when the homes come on sale tomorrow morning.
    • A picture shows the developers on horseback at the head of the parade.
    • As Ella and George watch the rest of the march, the kids sneak down the alleyways and rejoin the head of the procession.
    Example sentences
    • For some time I tried to find an wise or witty one to insert at the head of my home page.
    • He would start reading at the head of a page then his head would move downward in a straight line until he got to the foot of the page.
    • At 115, at the head of the page, your Honours will see, at line 4, his Honour reads out the questions which had been written by the jury.
  • 4 4.1 (chief) administrative/executive head
    director administrativo/ejecutivo
    section head
    jefe (-fa) (masculine, feminine) de sección
    head of state/government
    jefe de Estado/de Gobierno
    the head of the household
    el jefe or el cabeza de familia
    (before noun) head buyer
    jefe (-fa) (masculine, feminine) de compras
    head coach (in US football)
    primer entrenador (primera entrenadora) (masculine, feminine)
    head cook
    primer cocinero (primera cocinera) (masculine, feminine)
    jefe (-fa) (masculine, feminine) de cocina
    head girl/boy (British) (School)
    (alumno elegido para representar al alumnado de un colegio)
    Example sentences
    • Their findings are released today on the eve of the Thessaloniki summit of heads of EU political leaders that will decide the future framework of the community.
    • The next highest paid director was the head of its US aggregates business Tom Hill.
    • On the other hand, these same leaders are often the heads of militias and these militias are being used to assassinate political opponents.
    also: head teacher
    (esp British)
  • 5 5.1 (person) $15 per head
    15 dólares por cabeza or persona
    $500 per head of (the) population
    500 dólares por habitante
    to count heads
    contar cabezas
    plural head
    (Farming)700 head of cattle/sheep
    700 cabezas de ganado vacuno/ovino
  • 6 (crisis) to come to a head
    hacer crisis
    llegar a un punto crítico
    she brought things to a head by issuing an ultimatum
    llevó las cosas a un punto crítico al darles un ultimátum
    his arrival brought the conflict to a head
    su llegada hizo estallar el conflicto
  • 7 7.1 (height of water) you need a head of 4ft for the shower
    el tanque de agua tiene que estar 4 pies más alto que la ducha
    7.2 (pressure) a head of steam
    presión (feminine) de vapor
  • 10 (Geography)
    Example sentences
    • The print was Thea Schrack's ‘Yaquina Head Lighthouse.’
    • Baynham has farmed for all of his 70 years at Penlen farm on St David's Head.
    • The images include four lighthouses in Maine - Bass Harbor Head Light, Cape Neddick Light, Pemaquid Point Light, and Portland Head Light.
  • 11 (Nautical) 11.1 (bow of a ship)
    Example sentences
    • As the <i>Grosvenor</i> sliced towards the rocks at six knots, the officer of the watch dismissed reports of shore fires beyond the ship's head.
    • There was no way the captain could keep the ship's head up into the seas.
    11.2 (top of a sail)
    gratil (masculine)
    11.3 (toilet) (also pl)
    letrinas (feminine plural)
    Example sentences
    • Although the sea washed the heads clean as the ship pitched, the heads still needed a regular scrub-down with a broom.
    • It was posted in some of the heads on the ship the day before the plane went down.
    • To the port side aft is the head and shower and a quarter berth cabin with large double berth.
  • 12 (addict) [slang]acid/pot head
    enganchado (-da) (masculine, feminine) al ácido/a la hierba [colloquial]
    metelón (-lona) (masculine, feminine) de ácido/marihuana (Colombia) [slang]

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1
    ir a la cabeza de
    with López still heading the field, the runners …
    los corredores, con López todavía a la cabeza or en cabeza, …
    Example sentences
    • With white and purple-robed priests heading the procession, the coffin was carried into the church.
    • Five police cars headed the march.
    • Sean Lamont heads a quintet of wing specialists who are vying for position in the Stade de France showdown.
    ser el cabecilla de
    estar al frente de
    Example sentences
    • The man who heads the company charged with regenerating Swindon's town centre is leaving after only two years in the job.
    • In the late 1990s he was, briefly, charged with heading a newly established repatriation service.
    • A monitoring unit, headed by Martinez's son, Hugo, pinpointed the area where the call was coming from.
  • 2 (direct) (+ adverb complement)
    perhaps you could head me toward the nearest bank
    ¿me podría indicar dónde queda el banco más próximo?
    which way are you headed?
    ¿hacia or para dónde vas?
    they're headed for defeat
    van camino de la derrota
    Example sentences
    • The sheep halted, and at the whistle the dog proceeded with short flanking runs which headed them into the gap.
    • Stallone heads his car towards him, so he jumps into the river.
    • Head them towards the Washington area.
  • 3 (in soccer)
    Example sentences
    • The Czechs attack again, with Karel Poborsky heading a long ball back across the face of goal from the far post.
    • Duff attacks down the left wing, but his ball is headed away by Sulimani.
    • Finnan loops a cross into the box, and Keane heads the ball down into Duff's path.
  • 4 4.1
    Example sentences
    • She has an obvious reverence for the music; most of the book's chapters are headed by famous song titles.
    • He heads his article by saying that havens for wild life don't need buffer zones.
    • His article is headed The BBC has done the country a favour.
    also: headed past participle
    con membrete

intransitive verb

  • the car was heading west
    el coche iba en dirección oeste
    where are you heading?
    ¿hacia or para dónde vas?
    we were heading in the direction of Santiago
    íbamos camino de Santiago or con rumbo a Santiago
    nos dirigíamos a Santiago
    I think we're heading in the right direction
    creo que vamos bien encaminados or por buen camino
    it's time we were heading back
    ya va siendo hora de que volvamos or regresemos

Phrasal verbs

head for

verb + preposition + object
1 (go toward) the car was heading straight for me
el coche venía derecho hacia mí
the ship was heading for Barcelona
el barco iba con rumbo a Barcelona
it's getting late, let's head for home he always heads for the nearest bar
siempre va derecho al bar más próximo
the audience was heading for the exit
el público se dirigía hacia la salida
2 (be in danger of) (usually in -ing form) they are heading for bankruptcy they're heading for a confrontation with the police
se están buscando un enfrentamiento con la policía
to be headed for something
ir camino de algo

head off

1verb + adverb (set out) 2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (get in front of)
cortarle el paso a
2.2 (prevent, forestall)
head him off if he tries to bring the subject up
atájalo si trata de sacar el tema

head up

verb + adverb + object
estar a la cabeza de
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