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Pronunciation: /ˈhevən/


  • 1 1.1 (place) cielo (masculine) Granny's in heaven/gone to heaven la abuelita está en el cielo/se ha ido al cielo to be in seventh heaven estar* en el séptimo cielo to move heaven and earth remover* (el) cielo y (la) tierra, remover* Roma con Santiago she moved heaven and earth to get her children back removió (el) cielo y (la) tierra para que le devolvieran a los niños
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    • In Heaven he was introduced to Indra, who enrolled him in his heavenly workshops.
    • At his death, he was unable to again access to Heaven because of his meanness.
    • From his position in Heaven above and beyond the universe, God sits not only as creator but also as judge.
    1.2 (God) [archaic] Dios (masculine), el Cielo
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    • But heaven help anyone who writes this line-up off this time next year.
    • But heaven surely knows, that packages and bows can never heal a hurting human soul.
    • And heaven help the sanity of the people who listen to it longer than it takes to switch it off.
  • 2 (sky) (usually plural/generalmente en plural) cielo (masculine) the brightest star in the heavens la estrella más brillante del cielo or [literary/literario] del firmamento the heavens opened empezó a llover torrencialmente to stink to high heaven [colloquial/familiar] oler* que apesta [colloquial/familiar]
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    • They had seen his star in the heavens and followed it to Jerusalem and then onto Bethlehem.
    • He could never know what she had wished for as the stars fell from the heavens to earth.
    • All of the thirteen kingdoms had been graced with a stone, and a crystal and a star in the heavens.
  • 3 (in interjectional phrases/en locuciones de tipo interjección) (as intensifier) (good) heavens! ¡Dios mío!, ¡santo cielo! did you vote for him? — (good) heavens, no! ¿votaste por él? — ¿estás loca? thank heaven gracias a Dios heavens to Betsy! (American English/inglés norteamericano) [humorous/humorístico] ¡cielo santo! by heaven! [literary/literario] ¡por Dios! how in heaven did you do it? ¿cómo diantres lo hiciste? [colloquial/familiar] I hope to heaven they find her ¡Dios quiera que la encuentren! they gave her the job, heaven knows why le dieron el trabajo a ella, vete a saber porqué things are bad enough, heaven knows, without him getting involved sabe Dios que las cosas ya están bastante mal, para que encima vaya él y se meta forbid 2, name 1 1 2, sake1 3
  • 4 (bliss) [colloquial/familiar] how was your vacation? — it was heaven ¿qué tal las vacaciones? — divinas or sensacionales [colloquial/familiar] you didn't expect marriage to be heaven on earth, did you? no esperabas que el matrimonio fuera un lecho de rosas ¿no?
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    • The corollary of this is that meditation provides an experience of heaven.
    • No one comes back - face up to what's gong on around you because this is the only heaven or hell you're going to experience.
    • The city was a very heaven for such Beatles and Stones fans, and the experience put a spell on their music that is still audible.

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