Translation of heavily in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈhevəli; ˈhevɪli/


  • 1 1.1 [tread/move/fall] pesadamente; [push/press] con fuerza a heavily laden truck un camión con una carga muy pesada he was heavily built era corpulento or de aspecto fornido a heavily fortified/defended town una ciudad muy bien fortificada/con muy buenas defensas 1.2 (loudly) to breathe heavily (with exertion) resoplar, jadear (with passion) jadear 1.3 (thickly) [underlined] con trazo grueso the paint has been very heavily applied se ha aplicado una capa muy gruesa de pintura she was heavily made-up iba muy maquillada
    More example sentences
    • He fell very heavily on his, erm, backside.
    • The door closed heavily behind Lawrence.
    • Dr. Lawrence was strolling at a leisurely pace, leaning rather heavily on his walking stick.
  • 2 2.1 (copiously) [rain/snow] mucho 2.2 (immoderately) [drink/smoke] en exceso, más de la cuenta [colloquial/familiar]; [gamble] fuerte 2.3 (by a large margin) [outweigh] con mucho we were heavily outnumbered eran muchísimos más que nosotros Rangers lost heavily to the Canadian team Rangers sufrió una derrota aplastante frente al equipo canadiense to be heavily in debt estar* muy endeudado, tener* muchas deudas
    More example sentences
    • Like many involved with the Spiritual Rights Foundation, they left heavily in debt.
    • Many factory outlets sell winter accessories at heavily discounted prices.
    • A few minutes later we stood on the beach under a heavily clouded sky, looking out over a millpond sea.
    More example sentences
    • The bacterial outbreak was attributed to the use of heavily diluted disinfectant.
    • The company invested heavily in advertising to modernise its staid image.
    • The word beefy is used to indicate a powerful, perhaps heavily alcoholic wine, with a very chewy or mouth-filling impact.
  • 3 3.1 (to a marked extent) a style heavily influenced by romanticism un estilo con marcada or profunda influencia romántica they're heavily dependent o they depend heavily on these imports dependen en alto grado de estas importaciones his English is heavily accented habla inglés con un acento muy fuerte or con mucho acento the management is heavily criticized in the report el informe critica duramente a la dirección he's heavily into Zen [slang/argot] le ha dado fuerte por el Zen [colloquial/familiar] heavily pregnant en las últimas semanas del embarazo, en estado muy avanzado de gravidez [formal] 3.2 (severely) cigarettes should be more heavily taxed los cigarrillos deberían llevar impuestos más altos all correspondence is heavily censored toda la correspondencia está muy censurada the text has been heavily cut el texto ha sido acortado drásticamente 3.3 (in large numbers or amounts) the institution is heavily subsidized la institución recibe cuantiosas or importantes subvenciones she lost heavily at the gambling tables perdió mucho en las mesas de juego we were forced to borrow heavily to meet our commitments nos vimos obligados a contraer considerables deudas para hacer frente a nuestras obligaciones

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