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American English: /ˈhɛvi/
British English: /ˈhɛvi/

Translation of heavy in Spanish:

adjective heavier, heaviest

  • 1 1.1 (weighty)
    de fondo grueso
    it's very heavy
    es muy pesado
    pesa mucho
    the tree was heavy with fruit
    el árbol estaba cargado de fruta
    her eyelids were heavy with sleep
    se le cerraban los ojos de sueño
    my legs felt heavy
    me pesaban las piernas
    heavy goods vehicle
    vehículo (masculine) (de carga) de gran tonelaje
    conditions were heavy underfoot
    el terreno estaba enlodado
    heavy work
    trabajo (masculine) pesado
    the steering on this car is rather heavy
    este coche tiene la dirección muy dura
    Example sentences
    • For example, if some of your employees must lift or move heavy objects, make sure they have the proper equipment to do so.
    • Many back injuries occur because we lift or move heavy objects without adequate stabilizing strength.
    • Instead, we helped him feed his cat, get his mail, and move furniture deemed too heavy to lift by his doctor.
    1.2 (thick)
    a heavy gold chain
    una cadena gruesa de oro
    a pair of heavy boots
    un par de botas fuertes
    Example sentences
    • The thick heavy grey smoke lingered among the branches and prevented the flowers and buds from being burned by frost.
    • Before touching the cat, cover her head with a thick blanket or heavy towel to protect yourself from being bitten.
    • They could see an immense mountain that stretched up into heavy thick clouds.
    1.3 (solid)
    Example sentences
    • All too often, bread pudding is too heavy and solid, but I could have gone for another slice of this stuff.
    • Melons should not be eaten with heavy foods like cheese, deep-fried foods or the heavier grains.
    • They both cook the usual northern dishes, particularly the heavy meat and vegetable stews suited to their cold winters.
    1.4 (large-scale) (before noun)
    Example sentences
    • It is not a strong action and should not be subjected to loads that are anywhere near the heavy class.
    • At the championship the Bulgarian team will defend its titles in the heavy categories, which are scheduled for the end of the week.
    • Every fourth pair will carry the heavy grade weapons.
  • 2 2.1 (ponderous)
    Example sentences
    • The freezing conditions on Saturday were tough for the two teams as heavy rain fell for spells making the surface very wet and slippy.
    • But they were kept guessing by the weather until the day itself, with heavy rain falling during the days in the run-up to the event.
    • And obviously with the fairly heavy rain that had fallen it was very soft underfoot.
    Example sentences
    • This book is a heavy work that attempts to carry the weight of the world upon its existential shoulders.
    • The actress/director known for heavy works with a concentration on dense language, has had two projects this month marked by a lightness of approach and a delight in humorous details.
    poco delicado
    poco sutil
    a man of medium height and heavy build
    un hombre fornido de estatura mediana
    a heavy hint
    una indirecta muy directa [humorous]
    he has rather a heavy touch
    es poco delicado
    Example sentences
    • The site will be suitable for all ages, and will not feature heavy language.
    • Never one for preamble, his heavy features were hawklike with concentration.
    • As they rushed by, Mark glanced their faces, which were characterized by heavy Mexican features.
    2.3 (Physics) (before noun)
    Example sentences
    • The nuclei of heavy isotopes are rich in neutrons, which dominate their nuclear surface.
    • Finally, you build an atom smasher and physically knock helium nuclei from some heavy atoms.
    • Why are there usually more neutrons than protons in a heavy element?
  • 3 3.1 (oppressive)
    a heavy silence
    un silencio violento or embarazoso
    to be heavy with something
    estar cargado de algo
    an atmosphere heavy with suspicion
    una atmósfera cargada de sospecha
    Example sentences
    • Within the heavy smell of must there was the slightest fragrance of perfume.
    • OK, so they didn't really cancel the race, but boy, a lot of people were left wishing they had, and there was a heavy smell of dead fish.
    • The heavy smell of perfume and sweat in the locker room hit me as I went through the two doors.
    3.2 (loud)
    heavy breather [colloquial]
    maníaco (masculine) telefónico
    Example sentences
    • Very quickly, it became obvious that this was a trap, and they'd been set up for a heavy amount of damage.
    • However, that cut, despite the heavy amount of damage dealt to it, ceased to bleed and scabbed over.
    • The guard wore a heavy amount of armor that made him seem massive in size.
    Example sentences
    • A heavy smoker, he had been suffering from lung cancer.
    • In fact, children of heavy smokers are often fervent anti-smokers.
    • Long-term heavy smokers remain at significant risk of getting lung cancer.
    3.3 (dark)
    in heavy type
    en negrita
    3.4 (sad)
    apesadumbrado [literary]
    Example sentences
    • A long silence weighs heavy with the major decisions he has made in his life.
    • His voice is heavy with sarcasm, and it strikes me like a punch, hard and fast.
    • Her voice was heavy with sarcasm, and annoyance flashed briefly in her eyes.
    Example sentences
    • Instead, there was sadness and a heavy heart about the decision that lies ahead of him.
    • He laments on this with heavy heart because his brother had died in the mean time and he is yet to meet his granddaughter.
    • She concluded chapter 4, her vision going fuzzy and a heavy ache in her heart; homesickness.
    3.5 (earnest)
    it makes very heavy reading
    resulta muy pesado de leer
    we got into a really heavy argument about abortion
    nos enzarzamos en una discusión muy seria sobre el aborto
    Example sentences
    • Avoid being heavy and serious as a playful attitude allows you to feel unburdened and free.
    • It's best to adopt a light attitude especially in serious, heavy matters and remain in touch with your sense of humour.
    • There are no deep theories here about world events, or heavy discussion of causes and solutions.
  • 4 4.1 (intense)
    to be a heavy drinker/smoker
    beber/fumar mucho
    he's a heavy sleeper
    tiene el sueño pesado
    duerme muy profundamente
    heavy sea attendance has been very heavy
    la asistencia ha sido muy numerosa
    trading was heavy on the stock exchange today
    hoy hubo mucho movimiento en la bolsa
    demand for these products is heavy
    hay una gran demanda por estos productos
    I've got a heavy cold
    tengo un resfriado muy fuerte
    estoy muy resfriada
    heavy emphasis is placed on the importance of training
    se hace gran hincapié en la importancia de la capacitación
    4.2 (severe)
    heavy losses
    grandes or cuantiosas pérdidas
    she paid a heavy price for her arrogance
    pagó cara su arrogancia
    4.3 (demanding, onerous)
    I've had a heavy day at work [colloquial]
    he tenido un día de mucho trabajo
    to be heavy on somethingthe children are very heavy on their shoes
    los niños son muy destrozones de zapatos
    this car is very heavy on oil
    este coche gasta mucho aceite
    Example sentences
    • Searching through 38 articles in five volumes is heavy physical work.
    • Ergonomic improvements have eliminated heavy physical labor from the factory floor.
    • Women and men do heavy physical labor; however, domestic work is an exclusively female domain.
    4.4 (difficult) [slang]she has a pretty heavy time
    las pasa moradas or negras [colloquial]
    things got kind of heavy
    las cosas se pusieron feas [colloquial]
    4.5 (violent) [slang] the heavy mob moved in
    entraron los matones


  • to lie/hang/weigh heavy on somebody/something [literary]
    pesar sobre alguien/algo [literary]
    time hung heavy on her hands
    las horas se le hacían eternas or muy largas
    lentils lie very heavy on your stomach
    las lentejas son muy pesadas or indigestas
    Example sentences
    • Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
    • Both were breathing pretty heavy, and not to mention, a couple of people were staring from different tables.
    • They climbed quick and sure, breathing heavy in the thinning air.

noun plural heavies

  • 2 [colloquial] 2.1 (important person)
    Example sentences
    • Our list includes interesting cases with big names involving celebrities, political heavies and anyone else of notoriety.
    • It is unfair is when a team struggling for survival faces a foe loaded with contracted players, and the following week another club, also facing relegation, finds them stripped of the heavies and manages a win.
    • If the Indonesian judiciary really can be influenced by political heavies, this is one occasion when I hope such influence is exerted.
    2.2 (newspaper) (British)
    periódico (masculine) serio [colloquial]
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