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American English: /hɛk/
British English: /hɛk/


  • [colloquial] [euphemistic]heck!
    ¡caray! [colloquial] [euphemistic]
    what the heck!
    ¡qué diablos! [colloquial]
    heck, no! (US)
    ¡ni hablar!
    to heck with waiting, I'm leaving
    ¡qué esperar ni (que) niño muerto! yo me voy [colloquial]
    what/where/how the heck … ?
    ¿qué/dónde/cómo diablos … ? [colloquial]
    I've one heck of a lot to do
    tengo un montón de cosas que hacer [colloquial]
    this is one heck of a time to call me
    ¡vaya horas de llamar!
    she's one heck of a girl
    es una chica fenomenal
    like or the heck he did!
    ¡y un cuerno que lo hizo! [colloquial]
    he did it on his own — did he heck! (British)
    lo hizo solo — ¡qué lo va a hacer solo! or ¡y un cuerno! [colloquial]
    I wish to heck they'd shut up!
    ¡por qué no se callarán de una puñetera vez! [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I surprised my parents, heck I even surprised Mrs. Morgan, the old lady next door.
    • Flipping heck, dash it, and crumbs - I think I'm becoming a potty mouth.
    • Flippin heck, this is in another class altogether.
    Example sentences
    • Jen mentions Jason's big question - how the heck do bloggers have the time to write so much stuff?
    • Which brings up the inevitable question: What the heck has Bob been doing?
    • Dex looked at me and gave a freaked out smile as to say where the heck did that question come from after one creepy long stare?
    Example sentences
    • This was going to be one heck of a frustrating experience for the both of them.
    • He's funny, sexy as hell, a heck of a nice guy, unmarried, good values, yadda yadda.
    • That seems like a heck of a lot of money to sit on your butt all day.
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