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Pronunciation: /hiːl/


  • 1 1.1 [Anatomy/Anatomía] talón (masculine) to be at sb's heels ir* detrás de algn to turn on one's heel dar(se)* media vuelta to be (close/hard/hot) on the heels of sb ir* pisándole los talones a algn a second tremor followed hard on the heels of the first un segundo temblor siguió inmediatamente al primero to be down at heel (British English/inglés británico) andar* desaliñado or mal arreglado a down-at-heel old man un viejo desaliñado or con aspecto de venido a menos to bring sb to heel hacer* entrar en vereda a algn to call sb to heel llamar a algn al orden heel(, boy)! (to dog) ¡ven aquí! to cool o (in British English also/en inglés británico también) kick one's heels esperar con impaciencia where have you been? I've been cooling my heels here for half an hour ¿dónde has estado? me has tenido aquí plantado or colgado media hora [colloquial/familiar] to dig one's heels in cerrarse* en banda to take to one's heels salir* corriendo or [colloquial/familiar] pitando, poner* pies en polvorosa [colloquial/familiar] to tread on sb's heels (follow uncomfortably close) pisarle los talones a algn (lit: step on) pisar a algn drag 1 2, pair 1 1 1
    More example sentences
    • Knees are bent and held in front of the chest, with the heels positioned below the hips.
    • This pointing pulls the heel and ankle bones forward putting a great deal of rubbing on the skin on top of the ankle bones and over the tendon in front of the ankle.
    • The commonest ankle sprain is when the heel or foot turn inwards in relation to the lower leg, overstretching the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.
    More example sentences
    • I closed my eyes a moment, rubbing the center of my forehead - just between my eyebrows - with the heel of my palm.
    • Claire sniffles, rubbing at her eyes with the heel of her palm.
    • He rubbed his eye with the heel of his palm and smiled widely.
    1.2 (of shoe) tacón (masculine), taco (masculine) (Southern Cone/Cono Sur) high/low heels tacones or (Southern Cone/Cono Sur) tacos altos/bajos
    More example sentences
    • They are a plain looking, solid sort of shoe with a chunky heel, quite rigid support and come in an infinite range of colours and limited editions.
    • Mine are presently a half-inch above the heel of my shoes.
    • A shoe with a distinct heel will be much, much easier to walk in.
    1.3 (of hosiery) talón (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • As he stood with one foot on the top step, it was quite obvious that he had a hole the size of a silver dollar in the right heel of his maroon sock.
    • Changing out of his painting clothes after a somewhat disappointing day in his studio, he noticed the worn spot on the heel of his sock.
    • Your sock's heel should fit snugly around your heel.
  • 2 (thick part) the heel of one's/the hand la base or el pulpejo de la mano

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 [shoes] ponerles* tacones or (Southern Cone/Cono Sur) tacos nuevos a; [high-heeled shoes] ponerles* tapas or (Chile) tapillas a

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