There are 2 translations of help in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /help/


  • 1 1.1 (assist) ayudar can I help you? (in shop) ¿qué desea? apologizing now won't help you pedir perdón ahora no te va a servir de nada so help me God [formal] y que Dios me asista [formal] so help me, if he doesn't leave right now [colloquial/familiar] si no se va ahora mismo, no respondo de mí to help sb (to) + inf ayudar a algn a + inf I tried to help her with her homework traté de ayudarla con los deberes a man is helping police with their enquiries (BrE) [frml & euph] la policía está interrogando a un sospechoso 1.2 (+ adv compl) ayudar a + inf she helped the old lady across the road ayudó a la anciana a cruzar la calle my friends helped me through this crisis mis amigos me ayudaron a superar esta crisis let me help you down with your luggage déjame que te ayude or [formal] permítame que le ayude a bajar el equipaje see also help out
  • 2 (avoid, prevent) (usu neg or interrog) I can't help it no lo puedo remediar I can't help the way I look si soy así ¿qué (le) voy a hacer? they can't help being poor no tienen la culpa de ser pobres don't cough more than you can help trata de toser lo menos posible one couldn't help thinking that she was right uno no podía menos que pensar que ella tenía razón are you going to visit them? — not if I can help it ¿los vas a ir a ver? — solo si no me puedo escapar can I help it if he's always late? ¿tengo yo la culpa de que llegue siempre tarde? oh, well, it can't be helped bueno, paciencia or ¿qué se le va a hacer?
    More example sentences
    • As he got closer to Stuart, he couldn't help but laugh when he saw how filthy she was.
    • She did a funny little curtsy which Josh and Silver couldn't help but laugh at.
    • I couldn't help but think that their owners would have felt considerable heartache.
  • 3 (serve food, goods) to help sb to sth servirle* algo a algn may I help you to some salad? ¿le sirvo un poco de ensalada?
    More example sentences
    • Everyone helps themselves to some juicy grilled hamburgers, some plump sausages and some plastic covered hotdogs.
    • Dave pours another plastic cup of sherry and helps himself to his 173rd Cadburys bar while ignoring colleagues' pleas of ‘Those were bought for the whole office, you know!’
    • He always tries to eat my food and if we have visitors he often gets on to their chair and helps himself.
    More example sentences
    • Mum and Dad spent the next hour trying to explain that it was alright for them to take the money, that we hadn't just stolen the book and helped ourselves and then left an IOU.
    • Now, whenever Grandma visits, Zack is careful to whisper for permission in my ear, before reaching out and helping himself.
    • A postal worker who stole more than £25,000 by helping himself to pension and child benefit payments has been spared jail.


  • [person/remark] ayudar; [tool] servir* I was only trying to help! solo quería ayudar calling her a liar didn't help much either llamarla mentirosa tampoco sirvió de mucho I can't afford much — it doesn't matter, every little helps no puedo dar mucho — no importa, todo cuenta or todo es una ayuda it helps to know you're on our side sirve de mucho or es reconfortante saber que nos apoyas to help to + inf ayudar a + inf
    More example sentences
    • Long-term funding is desperately being sought for a voluntary service that helps local victims of domestic violence.
    • Well, I helped out then and Boris is helping me out now.
    • Sometimes we were helped out by relations and friends with muscles and, of course, the boys chipped in.
    More example sentences
    • I think the worst of the weather is over but the continuing rain will not help the situation and it is likely to get colder again.
    • This situation is not helped by the predicament he has with his wide midfield players.
    • I remain unconvinced that the occupation forces are really helping the situation, instead of continuing to antagonize large sections of the people.

v refl

  • to help oneself 1.1 (assist) ayudarse (a sí mismo) they don't help themselves by insulting their creditors no se hacen ningún favor insultando a sus acreedores 1.2 (resist impulse) controlarse I can't help myself sometimes a veces no me puedo controlar 1.3 (take) to help oneself (to sth) servirse* algo help yourself to more vegetables sírvete más verduras can I use your phone? — help yourself ¿puedo llamar por teléfono? — estás en tu casa if you need any more envelopes, just help yourselves si necesitan más sobres, aquí/allí están or (AmL tb) agárrenlos nomás he helped himself to $10 from the till se agenció 10 dólares de la caja [familiar/colloquial]

Phrasal verbs

help out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o ayudar, darle* or echarle una mano a we couldn't afford it, but my parents helped us out no nos alcanzaba el dinero, pero mis padres nos ayudaron or nos dieron or echaron una mano 1.1v + adv ayudar

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There are 2 translations of help in Spanish:



  • 1 u 1.1 (rescue) ayuda (f) don't panic: help is on the o its way calma, que ya vienen a ayudarnos (as interj) help! he's drowning ¡socorro! or ¡auxilio! ¡que se ahoga! to go for help ir* a buscar ayuda, ir* a por ayuda (Esp) to send for help mandar a buscar ayuda to call for help pedir* ayuda to cry/shout for help pedir* ayuda a gritos it's beyond help ya no se puede hacer nada 1.2 (assistance) ayuda (f) thanks for your help with the dishes gracias por ayudarme con los platos was the book I lent you any help? ¿te sirvió de algo el libro que te presté? can I be of (any) help to you? ¿la/lo puedo ayudar (en algo)? you're a (fat) lot of help [iro] ¡qué manera de ayudar la tuya! glad to have been of help me alegro de haber podido ayudar with my mother's help con la ayuda de mi madre financial help ayuda (f) económica medical help asistencia (f) or atención (f) médica there's no help for it (but to + inf) no queda más remedio (que + inf) that's a great help! [iro] ¡pues vaya ayuda! [irónico/ironical] (before n) [file/button] [Comput] de ayuda help menu menú (m) de ayuda
    More example sentences
    • She gives advice, guidance, help, and motivation to her students at City College.
    • All of you provided me with invaluable help and advice that aided me to gain my first year certificate with a Merit pass.
    • The FBI has also been too reluctant in the past to accept help or advice from other security services.
    More example sentences
    • As a result the hardware maker agreed to change its source code, user manuals and help screens.
    • There is a detailed help file and I have found email support adequate for my needs.
    • When was the last time you used an online help system or opened a computer software manual?

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