Translation of hill in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /hɪl/


  • (low) colina (f), cerro (m), collado (m); (higher) montaña (f); (slope, incline) cuesta (f) a view of green, rolling hills un panorama de verdes y ondulantes colinas on a hill (on the top) en (lo alto de) una colina (on a slope) en una ladera we walked up/down the hill subimos/bajamos la colina (andando) to park on a hill estacionar or (Esp) aparcar* en una cuesta at the foot of the hill al pie de la colina ( or de la montaña etc) to head for the hills ir* hacia or dirigirse* a los montes to take to the hills huir* or echarse al monte up hill and down dale (BrE) cuesta arriba y cuesta abajo as old as the hills viejísimo, más viejo que Matusalén [familiar/colloquial], más viejo que andar a pie (CS) [familiar/colloquial] his grandfather/that joke is as old as the hills su abuelo/ese chiste es más viejo que Matusalén not to amount to a hill of beans (AmE) no valer* nada to be over the hill [colloquial/familiar] estar* para el arrastre or (RPl) para el deje [familiar/colloquial] (before n) hill country territorio (m) montañoso, región (f) montañosa hill people montañeses (mpl) hill start arranque (m) en cuesta hill station estación (f) de montaña hill town ciudad (f) de montaña
    More example sentences
    • The instructions were to design a simple landscape sketch using a minimum of five to six land forms - hills, mountains, lakes and so on.
    • Forests, meadow land, rolling hills and mountains, all populated with small villages, are on the menu.
    • The tribes, rightly, are required to show their connections with various rivers, mountains, hills, and land sites.
    More example sentences
    • The course has steep hills, and the roads sweep wide, then narrow to cobblestones.
    • A tricky road, on a hill where the cars, as they coast down, can't help but nudge over 30.
    • The customer also added that the car seemed to run strange whenever she was descending a hill or steep grade.

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