Translation of holy in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈhəʊli/

adjective/adjetivo (-lier, -liest)

  • 1.1 (sacred, sanctified) [ground/place] sagrado, santo; [day] de precepto, de guardar; [water] bendito the Holy Bible la Sagrada or Santa Biblia the Holy City la Ciudad Santa the Holy Family la Sagrada Familia the Holy Father/Office el Santo Padre/Oficio the holy oil los santos óleos the Holy Rood la Santa Cruz the Holy Scripture las Sagradas Escrituras a holy war una guerra santa
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    • At the same time, we are committed to free access and free practice, to the members of the other two religions, to the holy shrines in Jerusalem.
    • His act of praying transforms the cityscape into a sacred space and holy ground.
    • He put the turban upon his head and set the gold rosette as symbol of holy dedication on the front of the turban as the Lord had commanded him.
    1.2 [person/life/virtue] santo
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    • What do the lives and service of holy women teach us about ordaining women?
    • It also seems right to think that among such holy people, the broken, addicted, and deceived of our world will see the true way of life with its promise of healing, freedom, and peace.
    • He was a very holy person who had a real interest in people.
    More example sentences
    • As a result my picture hopefully has a holy spiritual quality.
    • Real prayer isn't about showing how good, holy or spiritual you are.
    • They were men, holy and angelic in spirit, who preached the word of Allâh in different times and climes and in every land.
    1.3 [colloquial/familiar] they had a holy horror of gambling el juego les parecía un sacrilegio that child is a holy terror ese niño es el mismísimo demonio [colloquial/familiar] holy cow o mackerel o Moses o smoke! ¡rayos y centellas!, ¡Dios bendito!
    More example sentences
    • But holy smoke, are their doughnuts amazing or what?
    • So he had to be pretty sharp and he fell in love with a girl who he thought he was going to spend a weekend with, it happened to a lot of people, holy God, he was hooked.
    • And I knew immediately, holy heavens, we are under attack.

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Spain had three civil wars known as the guerras carlistas (1833-39, 1860, 1872-76). When Fernando VII died in 1833, he was succeeded not by his brother the Infante Don Carlos de Borbón, but by his daughter Isabel, under the regency of her mother María Cristina. This provoked a mainly northern-Spanish revolt, with local guerrillas pitted against the forces of the central government. The Carlist Wars were also a confrontation between conservative rural Catholic Spain, especially the Basque provinces and Aragón, led by the carlistas, and the progressive liberal urban middle classes allied with the army. Carlos died in 1855, but the carlistas, representing political and religious traditionalism, supported his descendants' claims until reconciliation in 1977 with King Juan Carlos.