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Pronunciation: /hʊd/


  • 1 1.1 (on coat, jacket) capucha (feminine) 1.2 (pointed) capirote (m); (of monk) capucha (f), capuchón (m), capillo (m)
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    • They wore duffel coats with the hoods up.
    • Right in front of her was a group people in cloaks, their hoods pulled over their faces to hide themselves, no doubt.
    • The figure wore a black cloak with the hood pulled over his or her face, making it impossible for the young man to see any distinct features.
    1.3 (on ceremonial robes) muceta (feminine) (con capillo)
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    • Excited graduates walk up and down, parading their finery of gowns, hoods and mortarboards seemingly oblivious to the fact that these are colonial trappings.
    • It was Graduation day at de Montfort on Thursday, with hundreds of young people wearing their gowns and colourful hoods, and dozens of doting parents taking pictures.
    • During the afternoon ceremony, master's degrees were conferred on 510 new graduates wearing brightly colored hoods denoting their major.
    1.4 (in falconry) capirote (m), capillo (m)
    More example sentences
    • There is a falcon hood - the brown leather dome, crowned with a tuft of feathers, is brittle like a little skull - and an envelope contains a watch.
    • Hoods are used to keep the bird calm during transport.
    • It's the same principal falconers use when they put a hood over a falcon's head.
  • 2 2.1 (on chimney, cooker) campana (f); (on machine) cubierta (f) 2.2 (American English/inglés norteamericano) [Cars/Automovilismo] capó (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • From hoods to hubcaps, mirrors to spoilers and even wheels, these cars feature a sleek design combined with affordable pricing.
    • The body panels, including the doors, the fenders, the hood and the tailgate are of course among the most vulnerable.
    • For example, aluminum is used for the hood, front and rear bumper beams, and rear suspension knuckle.
    2.3 (folding cover) (British English/inglés británico) capota (feminine)
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    • One drawback about the folding hard top is that you can't get luggage out when the hood is folded down.
    • If the toy you choose has a clip, it will enable you to attach it to the front of the pram hood above the baby's head.
    More example sentences
    • Range hoods and fans remove grease and moisture from cooking, and so collect dirt.
    • In the real case, it is likely that combustion products would have been removed by the extraction hood, even after the fan had failed.
    • And all range hoods require occasional cleaning or replacing of the grease-covered metal filters.
  • 3 (gangster) (American English/inglés norteamericano) [slang/argot], matón, (masculine, feminine) [colloquial/familiar]
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    • It's a film that focuses on ethics, be they pure or prurient, and how criminals and hoods can still require a sense of justice and fair play.
    • His connections to senior criminal organisations and well-placed hoods are known to police.
    • She also is fascinated by the hoods and low-lifes that Nick looks up as he meanders his way through the task of finding Clyde Wynant.
  • 4 (of cobra) sombrerete (masculine)
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    • In breeding plumage, the adult has a dark hood with a black eye and bill.
    • To ward off trouble, cobras can rear up, and they have hoods that expand out like a half umbrella to make themselves appear bigger and scarier than they actually are.

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