There are 2 translations of hook in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /hʊk/


  • 1 1.1 gancho (m); (for hanging clothes) percha (f), gancho (m); (for fishing) anzuelo (m) to take the phone off the hook descolgar* el teléfono by hook or by crook sea como sea, por las buenas o por las malas hook, line and sinker I swallowed the story hook, line and sinker mordí or me tragué bien el anzuelo it's an old ruse, but they fell for it hook, line and sinker es un truco muy viejo, pero cayeron como angelitos [familiar/colloquial] to get/let sb off the hook sacar*/dejar salir a algn del atolladero now he's doing it, we're off the hook ahora que lo va a hacer él, nos libramos nosotros he's off the hook se ha librado to get one's hooks into sb she's got her hooks into him lo tiene en sus garras to sling one's hook (BrE) [slang/argot] largarse* [familiar/colloquial], pirarse or pirárselas (Esp) [argot/slang], pintarse (Méx) [familiar/colloquial], tomárselas (RPl) [familiar/colloquial], envelárselas (Chi) [familiar/colloquial], pisarse (Col) [familiar/colloquial] 1.2 [Clothing] corchete (m), ganchito (m) hooks and eyes corchetes (macho y hembra)
  • 2 [Sport] 2.1 (in boxing) gancho (m) a left/right hook un gancho de izquierda/derecha 2.2 (in golf) hook (m)

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There are 2 translations of hook in Spanish:



  • 1 (grasp, secure) enganchar I got my coat hooked on a nail se me enganchó el abrigo en un clavo I hooked a ten-pounder pesqué or (esp Esp) cogí un pez de diez libras she wants to hook (herself) a husband [colloq & hum] quiere pescar marido [fam & hum] she's been trying to hook him for years hace años que anda tras él or que trata de engancharlo I hooked my arm around his neck le rodeé el cuello con el brazo


  • 1 (join with hook) the dress hooks at the side el vestido se abrocha con corchetes or ganchitos al costado the two sections hook together here las dos partes se enganchan aquí

Phrasal verbs

hook up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 (fasten) [dress/bra] abrochar would you hook me up? ¿me abrochas? 1.2 (connect, link) enganchar we hooked up the trailer enganchamos el remolque the two stations were hooked up for the broadcast las dos estaciones de radio transmitieron en cadena 1.1v + adv 2.1 [Rad] [TV] conectarse, transmitir en cadena 2.2 (become associated) (AmE) engancharse

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