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American English: /aɪˈdiə/
British English: /ʌɪˈdɪə/

Translation of idea in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (plan, suggestion) I have an idea
    tengo una idea
    then I had an idea
    entonces se me ocurrió una idea
    John came up with a much better idea
    a John se le ocurrió una idea mucho mejor
    she hit on the idea of doing it like this
    se le ocurrió hacerlo así
    what a good idea!
    ¡qué buena idea!
    it's a good idea to oil the hinges regularly
    conviene engrasar las bisagras con regularidad
    that's not a bad idea
    no es mala idea
    it seemed like a good idea at the time
    en aquel momento pareció una buena idea
    it might not be a bad idea to leave now
    no sería mala idea que nos fuéramos ya
    you and your bright ideas! [ironic]
    ¡tú y tus brillantes ideas! [ironic]
    it wasn't my idea
    no fue idea mía
    gift ideas for Christmas
    ideas para regalos de Navidad
    I don't think much of the idea of your going alone
    la idea de que vayas solo no me hace mucha gracia
    I like the idea of going to a Chinese restaurant
    me gusta la idea de ir a un restaurante chino
    Example sentences
    • The Trust is also on the look out for new members to put forward suggestions and ideas for future projects.
    • None of this is to suggest that the driver retraining course is a bad idea or a soft option.
    • Many of the audience have pledged to do far more than just one of the ideas suggested in the programme.
    1.2 (purpose, principle) the whole idea of the operation was to attract publicity
    habían hecho la operación con la idea de atraer publicidad
    that's the general idea
    de eso se trata
    I think I get the (general) idea
    creo que ya entiendo
    you get the idea, don't you?
    entiendes ¿no?
    what's the big idea? [colloquial]
    ¿pero qué es esto?
    Example sentences
    • No other institution enjoys such sweeping powers to suppress the expression of opinions and ideas.
    • Instead we must turn to what is intelligible: the values, beliefs and ideas revealed by art.
    • In my opinion, these ideas and ideals are slipping fast, and we need to fight for them.
    Example sentences
    • It involves listening to the other side, not with the idea of debate but for the purpose of learning.
    • Perhaps the idea of us meeting up again was not the purpose of our encounter.
    • Allan has other ideas, of course, and a bid for one or other of his rivals now looks certain.
  • 2 2.1 (concept, mental image) I find the idea of eating snails revolting
    solo la idea de comer caracoles me da asco
    my idea of Ireland
    la idea que yo tengo or me hago de Irlanda
    that's not my idea of fun/of a party
    eso no es lo que yo entiendo por diversión/por una fiesta
    the very idea!
    ¡a quién se le ocurre!
    Example sentences
    • He probably had the best idea of what was going on of anyone in this room, besides me, that is.
    • Women probably have a better idea of the male world and male values than men do of women's.
    • Many of us perhaps have little idea what it must be like to be in the depths of despair.
    Example sentences
    • In contrast, Kant calls the concepts of pure reason 'transcendental ideas.'
    • Kant nonetheless takes the ideas of God, the soul, and the world to have a valid philosophical use as “regulative,” i.e., for guiding the direction of inquiry to be all the more encompassing in scope.
    2.2 (understanding) for a clearer idea consult this book
    para hacerse or tener una idea más clara, consulte este libro
    can you give me some idea of what happened at the meeting?
    ¿me puedes dar una idea de lo que pasó en la reunión?
    I've got a rough idea of what you mean
    ya me hago una idea aproximada de lo que quieres decir
    have you any idea of the damage you've caused?
    ¿tú tienes idea or noción del daño que has hecho?
    you have no idea what I went through
    no te puedes imaginar lo que pasé
    where is he? — (I've) no idea!
    ¿dónde está? — (no tengo) ni idea
    I haven't the slightest or foggiest idea what you're talking about
    no tengo (ni) la menor or (ni) la más remota or (ni) la más mínima idea de qué estás hablando
    she has no idea how to handle people
    no tiene idea de cómo tratar a la gente
    2.3 (impression, belief) I had an idea you might not stay there very long
    me daba la impresión or tenía la idea de que no te quedarías allí mucho tiempo
    whatever gave you that idea?
    ¿de dónde sacaste esa idea?
    I don't know where she got the idea I was Belgian [colloquial]
    no sé de dónde sacó (la idea de) que yo era belga [colloquial]
    to get the wrong idea [colloquial]don't get the wrong idea
    no me malinterpretes
    a ver si me entiendes
    you've got the wrong idea
    has entendido mal
    once he gets an idea into his head
    cuando se le mete una idea en la cabeza
    to get ideas [colloquial] (get one's hopes up)
    hacerse ilusiones
    (become arrogant) OK, you won, but don't start getting ideas he has big ideas about becoming a star [colloquial]
    está convencido de que se va a convertir en una estrella
    to put ideas in or into somebody's head, to give somebody ideas
    meterle ideas en la cabeza a alguien
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