Translation of immune in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ɪˈmjuːn/


  • 1 1.1 (not susceptible) to be immune to sth ser* inmune a algo he was immune to her charms era inmune a sus encantos I've had measles, so I'm immune ya he tenido el sarampión, así que estoy inmunizado she was immune to persuasion nada logró persuadirla she's not immune to doubt no está libre de que la asalte la duda 1.2 (before n) [system/response] inmunológico immune deficiency inmunodeficiencia (f) immune serum suero (m) inmune
  • 2 (exempt)immune from sth immune from taxation con inmunidad fiscal diplomats are immune from prosecution los diplomáticos gozan de inmunidad none of us is immune from the effects of the recession a todos nos afecta la recesión

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