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Translation of impress in Spanish:

transitive verb

American English: /ɪmˈprɛs/
British English: /ɪmˈprɛs/
  • 1 (make impression on) to impress somebody favorably/unfavorably
    causarle (una) buena/mala impresión a alguien
    we were impressed by your work
    tu trabajo nos causó muy buena impresión
    he only did it to impress her
    lo hizo solo para impactarla or para dejarla admirada
    my excuse did not impress them
    mi excusa no los convenció
    Example sentences
    • I was immediately impressed by the fact that this place was packed with diners - usually an indicator that either the food is renowned for its excellence or for its cheapness.
    • I have known Jenni for some years and she has always impressed me with her honesty, her tenacity, her cheerful, loving and caring nature.
    • We are always impressed with artists who persist in making abstract work.
  • 2 (emphasize)to impress something on or upon somebody
    recalcarle algo a alguien
    they impressed upon us that it could be dangerous
    nos recalcaron (el hecho de) que podía ser peligroso
    my father impressed upon me the importance of work
    mi padre me inculcó la importancia del trabajo
    Example sentences
    • If you want to impress any ideas on people, try being reasonable.
    • You don't win friends by impressing your opinion on them.
    • Importantly, his divorce lawyer also impressed this point on him.
  • 3 (on paper, in wax)
    Example sentences
    • Each of the complete documents was found folded; two were tied with string and sealed with a lump of clay impressed with the same stamp.
    • According to convention, the base of each piece is impressed with a red seal.
    • These five sealings form a coherent record group, since they contain related subject content and are all impressed with the same seal.
    Example sentences
    • A raised effect is created by impressing a design into wallcovering using either pressure or heat.
    • Blind printing is a method where a raised design is impressed into the paper.
    • Brass and, to some extent, bronze finishing tools have been used for centuries by bookbinders to impress designs and lines onto leather bindings.

intransitive verb

  • he does it to impress
    lo hace para impresionar or impactar
    as an actress she fails to impress
    como actriz no llama la atención


American English: /ˈɪmˌprɛs/
British English: /ˈɪmprɛs/
  • [literary]
    Example sentences
    • Although mainstream church attendance is in decline, Scotland bears the impress of its Protestant history.
    • Thus it is that, although religions claim universality, much of what is claimed to be universal is discovered to bear the impress of culture, society and history.
    • As empty spaces, they carry an impress of the pure sterility imparted by death - the sense of the ascetic and the pure that comes with too many washings of the same white sheet.
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