Translation of improve in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ɪmˈpruːv/


  • 1.1 [design/results/product] mejorar; [chances] aumentar I want to improve my German quiero mejorar mi alemán that new hairstyle has improved her looks ese nuevo peinado la favorece mucho it improves your chances of promotion aumenta tus posibilidades de ascenso, te da más posibilidades de ascenso to improve one's mind cultivarse, culturizarse* [humorístico/humorous]
    More example sentences
    • What should be done is use the money from the resulting fines to improve road safety conditions in these areas.
    • For a short time his condition seemed to be improving but later on in the week he contracted pneumonia and one of his lungs collapsed.
    • Book cover design has improved drastically since the middle of the last decade.
    1.2 [property/premises] hacer* mejoras en


  • [situation/weather/work] mejorar; [chances] aumentar his health has improved su salud ha mejorado, ha mejorado de salud things can only improve las cosas no pueden sino mejorar let's hope the weather improves esperemos que mejore el tiempo she's improved since she's been living on her own ha mejorado or está mejor desde que vive sola her work has improved beyond all recognition su trabajo ha mejorado increíblemente he improves on acquaintance cae mejor a medida que uno lo va conociendo to improve with age/use mejorar con el tiempo/uso this cake improves with keeping este pastel mejora si se lo guarda un tiempo

v refl

Phrasal verbs

improve on

improve upon v + prep + o
[result/record] mejorar, superar; [work] mejorar if you can improve on his offer si puede ofrecer más que él it would be hard to improve upon his translation su traducción es difícil de mejorar, sería difícil mejorar su traducción a performance that cannot be improved on una actuación inmejorable

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