Translation of increase in Spanish:


intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • [number/size] aumentar; [prices] aumentar, subir; [influence/popularity] crecer*, aumentar; [trade/output/production] aumentar, incrementarse [formal]; [wealth/knowledge/power/crime] aumentar; [pain/love/joy] aumentar; [temperature/pressure] aumentar, subir; [speed/rate] aumentar; [wind/rain] arreciarto increase in sth to increase in size/weight aumentar de tamaño/peso to increase in number/popularity/importance crecer* en número/popularidad/importancia to increase in length alargarse*, extenderse* to increase in value aumentar de valor, revalorizarse*
    More example sentences
    • They had the choice of increasing the size of the dairy herd or changing the system completely.
    • The operators are reducing the amount they pay out and increasing the amount they take in.
    • The core of the movement has been increasing in size and in depth of knowledge.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • [number/size] aumentar; [prices] aumentar, subir; [trade/output] aumentar, incrementar [formal]; [wealth/knowledge] aumentar, acrecentar*; [noise/difficulty/pain/joy] aumentar we are increasing our efforts to find them estamos multiplicando or redoblando nuestros esfuerzos para encontrarlos it will increase your chances te dará más posibilidades with increased efficiency con mayor eficiencia his increased popularity is due in part to … su mayor popularidad se debe en parte a …


u and c /ˈɪnkriːs/
  • 1.1 aumento (masculine), incremento (masculine) [formal] a rent/price increase un aumento del alquiler/precio an increase of 30% in the number of applicants un aumento del 30% en el número de candidatos to be on the increase estar* en aumento, ir* en aumento drug-taking is still on the increase el consumo de drogas sigue en aumento 1.2 (rise in pay) aumento (masculine)

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