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Pronunciation: /ˈɪndəkeɪt; ˈɪndɪkeɪt/


  • 1 1.1 (point out) [object/direction] señalar, indicar* to indicate sth to sb señalarle algo a algn
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    • Census figures released Friday indicate Indiana County's population has stayed virtually static at 89,605 residents.
    • Figures indicate the EU expects Ireland to resume its position as the Union's fastest-growing economy.
    • Figures released indicate a 2% increase in unemployment in the south east.
    1.2 [Cars/Automovilismo] indicar*, señalizar* 1.3 (mark) (often passive/frecuentemente en voz pasiva) señalar is it indicated on the map? ¿está señalado en el mapa? 1.4 (register) [instrument/scale] indicar*
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    • Again the camera meter will indicate a shutter speed and an aperture to give you an 18% grey object.
    • Estimates from tide gauges indicate that sea level has changed at the rate of 1.8 to 2.4 mm/yr over the last century.
    • The junction box has two meters indicating the voltage and load capacity readings.
  • 2 2.1 (show) [change/condition] ser* indicio or señal de there's nothing to indicate whether they approve or not no hay nada que indique si les parece bien o no 2.2 (state) señalar
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    • The background, which I certainly was not aware of, has been indicated to me briefly.
    • She briefly indicates the conflicting written evidence that an historian investigating this incident must consider.
    • In the first two articles in this series I have briefly indicated some of the main currents of Nietzsche's thought.
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    • Nevertheless, he acknowledged the ‘market rebound’ as indicating a ‘growing’ consumer confidence here.
    • I read the piece twice and tried to see the any sign that indicates such a victory for the insurgents but I failed in both trials.
    • One source close to the meeting said the deal hasn't been signed yet and indicated a few more hurdles had to be overcome before there would be any white smoke.
  • 3 (require) (usually passive/normalmente en voz pasiva) immediate surgery is indicated lo indicado es operar de inmediato a change in tactics is indicated, I feel creo que se impone un cambio de táctica
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    • An appropriate physical examination and necessary medically indicated investigation are clearly essential.
    • Insulin therapy also is indicated in patients with contraindications to antidiabetic medications.
    • The other part of the schedule lists immunizations indicated and contraindicated by medical conditions.


  • (British English/inglés británico) [Cars/Automovilismo] indicar*, señalizar*, poner* el intermitente or (Colombia, Mexico/Colombia, México) las direccionales or (Chile) el señalizador
    More example sentences
    • So don't get mad when a driver does not indicate to go to the left lane; remember that he or she just might not be expert enough to disregard the Highway Code.
    • Moments before the crash, a retired PC watched a blue car indicate then pull out ahead and overtake a horse box.
    • If that driver was indicating properly, which I see no reason to assume he wasn't, then the motorcyclist should never have attempted to overtake.

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