Translation of infect in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ɪnˈfekt/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 [Medicine/Medicina] 1.1 (cause disease in) [wound/cut] infectar; [person/animal] contagiar your cold is infecting everybody in the office estás contagiándole el resfriado a toda la oficina don't get too close, you might infect the baby no te acerques, que puedes contagiar al bebé the wound was/became infected la herida estaba infectada/se infectó to infect sb with sth contagiarle algo a algn she infected her sisters with chickenpox les contagió la varicela a sus hermanas he was infected with hepatitis contrajo hepatitis [formal] they infected rats with the virus inocularon el virus a algunas ratas
    More example sentences
    • Children can get ringworm from touching infected animals such as dogs and cats.
    • Since then, West Nile virus has spread rapidly westward, infecting birds, humans and horses.
    • Mosquitoes that bite infected animals then bite humans typically transmit the disease.
    1.2 (contaminate) contaminar
    More example sentences
    • Somewhat reassured, the group try to settle down to enjoy the rest of their vacation, unaware that the diseased man's body is face down in the reservoir, infecting their water supply…
    • Oh, and the guy who they burnt handily made it to the local reservoir, thereby infecting the local water supply.
    • Almost every area of life is a potential terrorist target - with scare stories about the threat of a smallpox outbreak, and bioterrorists infecting food supplies and water reservoirs.
  • 2 (spread emotion) his cheerfulness infected everyone around him les contagiaba su alegría a todos los que lo rodeaban, su alegría era contagiosa everyone was infected with o by the carnival mood todos se habían contagiado de la alegría del carnaval, a todos se les había contagiado la alegría del carnaval

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