Translation of infect in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ɪnˈfekt/


  • 1 [Med] 1.1 (cause disease in) [wound/cut] infectar; [person/animal] contagiar your cold is infecting everybody in the office estás contagiándole el resfriado a toda la oficina don't get too close, you might infect the baby no te acerques, que puedes contagiar al bebé the wound was/became infected la herida estaba infectada/se infectó to infect sb with sth contagiarle algo a algn she infected her sisters with chickenpox les contagió la varicela a sus hermanas he was infected with hepatitis contrajo hepatitis [formal] they infected rats with the virus inocularon el virus a algunas ratas 1.2 (contaminate) contaminar
  • 2 (spread emotion) his cheerfulness infected everyone around him les contagiaba su alegría a todos los que lo rodeaban, su alegría era contagiosa everyone was infected with o by the carnival mood todos se habían contagiado de la alegría del carnaval, a todos se les había contagiado la alegría del carnaval

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