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American English: /ɪnˈsaɪd/
British English: /ɪnˈsʌɪd/

Translation of inside in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (interior part) from the inside out
    desde el interior hacia afuera
    the inside of the house is in very good repair
    el interior de la casa está muy bien
    la casa está muy bien por dentro
    the door had been locked from the inside
    habían cerrado la puerta con llave por dentro
    1.2 (inner side, surface)
    parte (feminine) de dentro
    parte (feminine) de adentro (esp Latin America)
    the jacket's padded on the inside
    la chaqueta es acolchada por dentro
    1.3 (of racetrack)
    (parte más cercana al centro)
    (of road) he tried to pass me on the inside
    me quiso adelantar por la derecha
    (in UK etc) me quiso adelantar por la izquierda
    1.4 (of organization) we've got a man on the inside
    tenemos a alguien infiltrado
  • 2
    also: insides plural
    (internal organs) [colloquial]
    tripas (feminine plural) [colloquial]
  • 3inside outyou've got your socks on inside out
    llevas los calcetines del or al revés
    no, you've got the whole thing inside out!
    ¡que no, es al revés!
    to know something inside and out or (British) inside out [colloquial]
    saberse algo al dedillo or al revés y al derecho
    to turn something inside outI turned the house inside out looking for it
    revolví toda la casa buscándolo
    he turned the bag inside out
    volvió la bolsa del revés
    dio vuelta la bolsa (Southern Cone)


  • 1 1.1 (within) inside the building
    dentro del edificio
    en el interior del edificio [formal]
    an actor must get inside a character's skin
    el actor debe compenetrarse con el personaje
    1.2 (into) he followed her inside the bar
    la siguió al interior or hasta dentro del bar
  • 2 [colloquial] (in expressions of time) we did the journey inside 3 hours
    hicimos el viaje en menos de 3 horas
    she finished 2 seconds inside (of) the previous record
    batió el récord anterior por 2 segundos


  • 1 (within)
    adentro (esp Latin America)
    what's inside?
    ¿qué hay dentro?
    ¿qué hay adentro? (esp Latin America)
    inside and out
    por dentro y por fuera
    por adentro y por afuera (esp Latin America)
    I had a strange feeling inside
    sentí una cosa por dentro
    deep down inside I know that …
    en el fondo yo sé que …
    en mi fuero interno yo sé que …
    Example sentences
    • The salty breeze and the large beach are a welcome relief for many who are cooped up inside flats and apartments.
    • It must be freezing out there, or perhaps it's just hot inside the confines of the apartment.
    • A casino and arcade games will also be situated inside the house itself.
  • 2 (indoors)
    adentro (esp Latin America)
    come inside
  • 3 (in prison) [colloquial]
    entre rejas [colloquial]
    a la sombra [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • A lot of the prisoners write about how hard it is inside and hopefully when they leave prison they will reflect on this.
    • Some have committed murder while inside and then got a life sentence on top.

adjective before noun

American English: /ˈɪnˌsaɪd/
, /ɪnˈsaɪd/
British English: /ˈɪnsʌɪd/
  • 1
    de dentro
    de adentro (esp Latin America)
    what's your inside leg measurement?
    ¿cuánto tiene or mide de entrepierna?
    Example sentences
    • Carry your wallet in an inside pocket, preferably one which can fasten never in your back pocket
    • He tucks it swiftly in the inside pocket of his denim jacket, and will never feel the need to wear a comedy
    • And to ensure she does not lose the ring, she says she will glue it to the inside pocket of her suit.
  • 2the inside lane (Motor Vehicles)
    el carril de la derecha
    (in UK etc) el carril de la izquierda
    la calle número uno
    Example sentences
    • Johnson has a lot of that in him; he's around the ball a lot, even from his inside position.
    • The quarterback hands the ball off deep in the backfield to create the illusion of an inside zone play.
    • But Snee has proved himself at inside centre and Oldfield has also proved himself.
  • 3 (from within group)
    de dentro
    de adentro (esp Latin America)
    police think the robbery was an inside job
    la policía cree que alguien de la empresa ( or casa etc. ) está implicado en el robo
    the inside story on the latest Royal scandal
    la verdad sobre el último escándalo de la casa real
    Example sentences
    • So not fair how the inside buzz on all things celeb are only for Tinseltownies?
    • Also ahead here, an inside look at one of the most powerful families in American politics.
    • While family members may not respond to these epistles, we do know some of the inside details.
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