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American English: /ˈɪnt(ə)rəst/
British English: /ˈɪnt(ə)rɪst/

Translation of interest in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 uncountable (felt by person) her ideas aroused my interest
    sus ideas despertaron or suscitaron mi interés
    interest in somebody/something/-ing
    interés en alguien/algo/+ infinitive
    I have no interest in getting to know them
    no tengo ningún interés en conocerlos
    no me interesa conocerlos
    to lose interest
    perder interés
    to show (an) interest
    demostrar interés
    mostrarse interesado
    to take (an) interest in something/somebody
    interesarse por algo/alguien
    he took no further interest in the matter
    dejó de interesarse por el asunto
    I'm doing it out of interest
    lo hago porque me interesa
    Example sentences
    • There is great interest and people are learning a classical art form with great enthusiasm and dedication.
    • That was certainly of personal interest to me to learn, after having been here some 6 years.
    • I appreciate their interest and good wishes, I just keep crying every time I think about it.
    1.2 countable (hobby) his only interest seems to be drinking
    parece que su único interés es la bebida
    Example sentences
    • So his interests and his activities outside of Iraq are nothing new.
    • You are asked to list recreational interests and activities, membership of clubs and societies.
    • He now feels that he is no longer under pressure, as he was in Australia, and can relax and enjoy some other interests and hobbies.
  • 2 uncountable (possessed by object) the plot lacks interest
    al argumento le falta interés
    I thought this article might be of interest to you
    me pareció que este artículo podría interesarle or podría serle de interés
    is this of any interest to you?
    ¿esto te interesa?
    it's of little interest to me who did it
    no me interesa demasiado or no tengo mucho interés en saber quién lo hizo
    it's a matter of public interest
    es un asunto de interés público
    Example sentences
    • Unless poll results are meant to influence those yet to vote they are of academic or curiosity interest only.
    • Perhaps that is why this week there are a number of films of average quality or minority interest.
    • The Best of Gay Britain is a boxed set of three full-length features of varying interest and quality.
  • 3 countable 3.1 (stake)
    participación (feminine)
    intereses (masculine plural)
    to have an interest in something (Business)
    tener intereses or participación en algo
    he has a number of business interests abroad
    tiene varios negocios en el extranjero
    I have to declare an interest
    tengo que declarar que soy parte interesada
    I have a personal interest in seeing that justice is done
    tengo motivos personales para asegurarme de que se haga justicia
    she acquired a substantial interest in the company
    adquirió una parte considerable de las acciones de la empresa
    to hold a controlling interest (Finance)
    tener participación mayoritaria
    British interests are being looked after by the Italian embassy
    la embajada italiana se ocupa de los intereses británicos
    Example sentences
    • The institute subsequently posted on its website the financial interests of all those involved.
    • Apart from the strategic concerns and government revenue at stake, immense corporate interests are involved.
    • Proffered concerns about underage drinking are thus merely a stalking horse for the financial interests at stake in these cases.
    3.2 (advantage) (often plural) to serve the interests of the ruling classes
    servir a los intereses de las clases gobernantes
    a conflict of interest(s)
    un conflicto de intereses
    you've got to look after your own interest(s)
    tienes que velar por tus propios intereses
    to act in somebody's interest(s)
    actuar en beneficio de alguien
    it's in your own interest(s) to be early
    te conviene llegar temprano
    por tu propio interés deberías llegar temprano
    it was not in our interest(s) to intervene
    no nos convenía intervenir
    in the interests of easing international tension
    con el fin de relajar la tensión internacional
    to be against the public interest
    ir en perjuicio del interés público
    Example sentences
    • This would not seem to be the noblest form of patriotism, which calls us to look beyond private interests to the public benefit.
    • Since people can convince themselves of anything that is to their benefit or is in their interest, this is not surprising.
    • The cards have discounts and benefits for the youngsters so it is in their interest to carry them.
    also: interests plural
    intereses (masculine plural)
    vested interests special interests
    intereses de determinados grupos
    Example sentences
    • The NRA have come in for strong criticism locally both from landowners affected by the route of the road and various political and business interests.
    • The politicians, business interests and journalists that were part of the Indonesian lobby in Australia did use racial stereotyping.
    • The Government, business interests and civic organisations need to collaborate in the effort.
  • 4 uncountable (Finance) simple/compound interest
    interés simple/compuesto
    to earn/charge interest of or at five per cent (per annum)
    percibir/cobrar un interés del cinco por ciento (al año)
    this bond bears five per cent interest
    este bono da un interés del cinco por ciento
    este bono devenga un interés del cinco por ciento [formal]
    to repay something/somebody or to pay something/somebody back with interesthe repaid my affection with interest
    me devolvió con creces el cariño que le había dado
    they'll pay me back with interest!
    ¡me las van a pagar con creces!
    (before noun) interest charges
    cargos (masculine plural) por concepto de intereses
    low-interest/interest-free loans
    préstamos (masculine plural) a bajo interés/sin interés
    interest payments
    abonos (masculine plural) de intereses
    pagos (masculine plural) de intereses
    Example sentences
    • The bank will not lend money, and interest payments and receipts are forbidden.
    • If there is another agency which is lending money at better interest rates and with better conditions, I am ready to shift.
    • How much will it cost by the time you have repaid your debt (capital plus interest repayments)?

transitive verb

  • it interests me a great deal
    me interesa mucho
    can I interest you in a raffle ticket?
    ¿le puedo ofrecer un número de rifa?
    Example sentences
    • First, find a product or service that excites and interests you.
    • He has a very short attention span and unless something interests him he doesn't want to know.
    • Even a three-year old can begin to browse through the shelves, looking for different kinds of books that may interest her.
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