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American English: /ˈɪntu/
, /ˈɪn(t)ə/
British English: /ˈɪntʊ/
, /ˈɪntə/


into often appears as the second element of certain verb structures in English ( break into, look into, settle into, etc). For translations, see the relevant verb entry ( break, look, settle, etc). into is used in the structure verb + somebody + into + -ING ( to coax somebody into doing, to provoke somebody into doing, etc). For translations of these structures see the appropriate verb ( coax, provoke, etc).
  • 1 1.1 (indicating motion, direction) to get into bed
    meterse en la cama
    to walk into a building
    entrar en un edificio
    entrar a un edificio (esp Latin America)
    to translate something into Spanish
    traducir algo al español
    we drove into town
    fuimos a la ciudad en coche
    they helped him into the chair
    lo ayudaron a sentarse en el sillón
    she sat staring into space
    estaba sentada mirando al vacío
    she dived into the pool
    se tiró a la piscina
    se echó a la alberca (Mexico)
    I dropped a coin into the water
    dejé caer una moneda en el agua
    the cat shot up into the air
    el gato salió volando por los aires
    pour the milk into a bowl
    pon or echa la leche en un bol
    the dog sank its teeth into my leg
    el perro me clavó los dientes en la pierna
    a journey into the future
    un viaje al futuro
    Example sentences
    • The first thing that strikes you when you walk through the door into the cafe is the charming decor.
    • She also said that she missed being able to walk out and jump into the swimming pool at her house.
    • The conman stepped into the hall saying he was from the police and walked straight into the living room.
    1.2 (against) she walked into a tree
    se dio contra un árbol
    he drove into the other car
    chocó con el otro coche
    Example sentences
    • Their call for action follows an incident last weekend where a car crashed into the wall of a house.
    • A woman had a lucky escape when a car crashed into her kitchen just a few feet from where she was sitting.
    • A young couple living in one of the cottages were asleep when the car crashed into their home.
    1.3 (Mathematics)3 into 15 goes or is 5
    15 dividido (por) 3 or entre 3 es 5
    Example sentences
    • In the event of victory, the two agreed to the division of the peninsula into four states.
    • Equal tempering is a system for breaking up each octave into twelve equal semi-tones.
    • If enough teams apply, the second division will be split into a Conference North and South.
  • 2 (in time, distance) ten minutes into the game
    a los diez minutos de empezar el partido
    they talked far into the night
    hablaron hasta bien entrada la noche
    they penetrated deep into the jungle
    entraron en el corazón de la selva
    the project is well into its third year
    el proyecto ya está bien adentrado en su tercer año
    Example sentences
    • His skill was in caricatures, a route which led him into a career as a political cartoonist.
    • One route into the industry is to become a camera trainee on a feature film.
    • However the journey times of routes into London from the North, East and South all fell.
  • 3 (indicating result of action) we split into two groups roll the dough into a ball
    haga una bola con la masa
    the snowman had melted into a puddle
    el muñeco de nieve había quedado convertido en un charco
    the colors had merged into a muddy gray
    los colores se habían mezclado y había quedado un gris sucio
    don't let it boil into a mush
    no dejes que hierva hasta convertirse en puré
    Example sentences
    • The food grows so well here that Robyn has plans to turn the surfeit into jams and pickles to sell from the Cascina.
    • Vegetables are dried or pickled and fruits are also dried, candied, or made into jams.
    • People turn into snails and violent and gruesome deaths seem to be the only way to escape the grisly vortex.
    Example sentences
    • This is where a manager uses all sorts of subterfuge to entice a player into leaving his present club.
    • Some are genuinely injured, while others are cowed into submission by their clubs.
    • While we were in France, we were tricking her into walking the odd step on her own.
  • 4 (involved in) [colloquial]to be into something/-ingshe's into 60's music
    le gusta la música de los años sesenta
    le ha dado por la música de los años sesenta [colloquial]
    she's really or heavily into jazz
    le ha dado fuerte por el jazz [colloquial]
    he's into some funny things
    anda metido en unas ondas raras or en unos rollos raros [colloquial]
    they're into drugs
    se drogan
    at two, children are into everything
    a los dos años, los niños son muy inquietos
  • 5 (indebted to) [colloquial]to be into somebody for something
    deberle algo a alguien
    he's into me for $60
    me debe 60 dólares
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