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Translation of invite in Spanish:

transitive verb

American English: /ɪnˈvaɪt/
British English: /ɪnˈvʌɪt/
  • 1to invite somebody (to something)
    invitar a alguien (a algo)
    have you been invited to their house?
    ¿te han invitado a su casa?
    I've invited her to or for dinner
    la he invitado a cenar
    he was invited for interview
    lo citaron para una entrevista
    to invite somebody over for dinner
    invitar a alguien a cenar (en casa)
    to invite somebody in/out
    invitar a alguien a pasar/a salir
    to invite somebody to + infinitive
    invitar a alguien a + infinitive or a que + subjunctive
    they invited him to (attend) the meeting
    lo invitaron (a asistir or a que asistiera) a la reunión
    Example sentences
    • After a few minutes of interrogation and searches, his tone changed, and we were invited to sit down.
    • She was invited to sit on the mat spread on the earthen floor, in front of the bench.
    • At the beginning of the week I was invited to do something with my friend in Barrie.
  • 2 2.1 (request politely)to invite somebody to + infinitive
    invitar a alguien a + infinitive or a que + subjunctive
    he was invited to take a seat
    lo invitaron a sentarse or a que se sentara
    Example sentences
    • Gaveling the hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee to order, the chairman invites the attorney general to make his opening remarks.
    • Next week they'll have an interview with Pantano, and they're inviting readers to submit questions.
    • For the first time, virtually every candidate has their own Internet website and is inviting voters to email questions.
    2.2 (call for) [formal]he invited questions from the audience
    invitó al público a que formulara preguntas
    to invite tenders for a new airport
    llamar a un concurso or llamar a licitación para la construcción de un nuevo aeropuerto
    applications are invited for …
    queda abierto el plazo para la presentación de solicitudes para …
  • 3 (encourage) you're inviting trouble
    te estás buscando problemas
    it invites people to draw the wrong conclusions
    se presta a que la gente saque conclusiones erróneas
    his work invites comparison with the classics
    su obra sugiere comparaciones con los clásicos
    it invites doubts about her suitability for the post
    hace dudar sobre su idoneidad para el puesto
    Example sentences
    • The case invites the Court to revisit the breadth of constitutionally protected privacy and the status of homosexuality in our legal system.
    • I mean this is provocative statements that are inviting a counter reaction from the government, and now she got it.
    • This situation invites the view that the evolution of higher taxes was driven by changes in single major genes that acted as switches between such alternate forms.


American English: /ˈɪnvaɪt/
British English: /ˈɪnvʌɪt/
  • [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The bride was in charge of the invites, and the groom the banquet seating arrangements.
    • The demand for invites was so high that three - instead of the scheduled two - screens were booked for the red carpet screening.
    • Avoid invites to chat, filter out annoying invitations for Meetup, birthday parties, or after-hours get-togethers.
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