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American English: /ɪnˈvɑlv/
British English: /ɪnˈvɒlv/

Translation of involve in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (entail, comprise) how much work/time would it involve?
    ¿cuánto trabajo/tiempo supondría?
    this change will involve a lot of extra work
    este cambio va a significar or suponer mucho trabajo extra
    what exactly does your work involve?
    ¿en qué consiste exactamente tu trabajo?
    what's involved here is a matter of principle
    se trata de una cuestión de principios
    whenever there's money involved
    siempre que hay dinero de por medio
    Example sentences
    • It was a workload which included every aspect of the job and even involved coverage of sport.
    • This result does not involve any unconstitutional border crossing by the court.
    • Several factors are involved, including increasing drink prices and the ban on smoking in bars.
    1.2 (affect, concern) where national security is involved …
    cuando se trata de la seguridad nacional …
    don't you realize it's my reputation that's involved here?
    ¿no te das cuenta de que es mi reputación lo que está en juego?
  • 2to involve somebody in something/-ing
    (implicate) implicar or involucrar a alguien en algo
    (allow to participate) darle participación a alguien en algo
    they tried to involve her in the scandal
    trataron de implicarla or involucrarla en el escándalo
    we try to involve as many people as possible in decision making
    tratamos de darle participación al mayor número de gente posible en la toma de decisiones
    he doesn't involve himself in the day-to-day running of the business
    no toma parte en la gestión diaria del negocio
    don't try to involve me in your problems/schemes
    no intentes mezclarme en tus problemas/planes
    Example sentences
    • She made false allegations to police that they were involved in criminal activity and she also claimed he had threatened to kill her.
    • Do you often find yourself involved in a situation without having planned it at all?
    • He fell into fast company and before long, found himself involved in illegal activities.
  • 3
    also: involved past participle
    3.1to be/get involved in something (implicated, associated) I was involved in an accident last year
    el año pasado me vi envuelto en un accidente
    whenever there's an argument in the family, he has to get involved
    siempre que hay una pelea en la familia, él tiene que meterse
    several high-ranking officials were involved in the affair
    había varios oficiales de alto rango implicados en el asunto
    to be/get involved with somebody/somethingthe people you're involved with
    la gente con la que andas metido or mezclado
    how did you get involved with people like them?
    ¿cómo te mezclaste con gente de esa calaña?
    3.2to be involved in something
    (engrossed) estar absorto or enfrascado en algo
    (busy) estar ocupado con algo
    to be/get involved with somebody/something
    estar dedicado/dedicarse a alguien/algo
    he's very involved with his new show at the moment
    en este momento está muy dedicado a or muy ocupado con su nuevo espectáculo
    Example sentences
    • I'm not smart enough to do crossword puzzles, so I'm very involved in the politics and governance of this place.
    • Doubt I would have been involved in politics if I had been around then.
    • Philip Hendry had been involved in local politics almost since the time Jill and I came to Bedford thirty years ago.
    3.3 (emotionally)to be/get involved with somebodyshe's involved with a married man
    tiene una relación con un hombre casado
    tiene un enredo con un hombre casado [colloquial]
    she doesn't want to get too involved with him
    no quiere llegar a una relación muy seria con él
    Example sentences
    • Is it different when you are emotionally involved with the person you are producing?
    • This is the first time that he has been involved with such an emotional and grand project.
    • 100 pages into a book, you should be emotionally involved with the characters to some extent.
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