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American English: /ɪt/
British English: /ɪt/


  • 1 (replacing noun)
    (as direct object) lo, (la)
    (as indirect object) le
    (as subject, after prep) (gen not translated)
    it's enormous
    es enorme
    there's nothing behind/on top of it
    no hay nada detrás/encima
    don't sign it
    no lo/la firmes
    sign it
    I gave it another coat of paint
    le di otra mano de pintura
    stop it!
    ¡ya está bien!
    I don't understand it
    no lo entiendo
    it's all lies
    son todas mentiras
    damn/blast it!
    ¡maldita sea! [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The great thing about an event like this is that it involves people from all walks of life and there is a real sense of camaraderie.
    • Mrs. Henderson walked into the room holding a tray with his breakfast on it.
    • But one voice truly stood out - and it did not belong to any of the private school pupils in the show.
    Example sentences
    • When it gets cold in Chicago, the snow way up to my knees, I still wear my sandals.
    • It was now past ten o'clock.
    • I hear it might snow tonight.
  • 2 (introducing person, thing, event) who is it?
    ¿quién es?
    it's me
    soy yo
    it's Bill
    es Bill
    it was you, wasn't it?
    fuiste tú ¿no?
    what is it you want me to do?
    ¿qué es lo que quieres que haga?
    while you're at it
    ya que estás (en ello)
    don't worry, I'll see to it it's his attitude that I don't like
    su actitud es lo que no me gusta
    it was a dress, not a blouse she bought
    fue un vestido, no una blusa lo que compró
    a little higher up … that's it!
    un poco más arriba … ¡ahí está! or ¡eso es!
    one more and that's it
    uno más y ya está or se acabó
    he's very ambitious — that's just it!
    es muy ambicioso — ¡precisamente ahí está el problema!
    that's it, then
  • 3 (in impersonal constructions) it's good to see you
    da gusto verte
    it's raining/snowing
    está lloviendo/nevando
    it's hot/cold
    hace calor/frío
    it's two o'clock
    son las dos
    how long is it since we met?
    ¿cuánto hace que nos conocimos?
    it's been five years since I saw you
    hace cinco años que no te veo
    it would appear so
    así or eso parece
    it says here that …
    aquí dice que …
    it is known/said/believed that …
    se sabe/dice/cree que …
  • 4 (in children's games) you're it
    tú (la) paras
    la quedás vos (Uruguay)
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There are 2 entries that translate it into Spanish:

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  • information technology
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