There are 2 translations of jog in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dʒɑːg; dʒɒg/

vt (-gg-)

  • she jogged his elbow just as … le dio en el codo justo cuando … stop jogging the table! ¡deja de mover or sacudir la mesa! he jogged the cup out of my hand me empujó y me hizo tirar la taza to jog sb's memory refrescarle* la memoria a algn

vi (-gg-)

  • 1 1.1 (run) correr 1.2 [Leisure/Ocio] hacer* footing or jogging, correr, trotar to go jogging salir* a hacer footing or jogging, salir* a correr or a trotar
    More example sentences
    • And then, to my even greater astonishment, he turns and starts jogging back up the stairs.
    • I swirled around to face him and saw as he jogged up to catch up with me.
    • When I opened the door, I started jogging lightly up the stairs.
    1.3 (progress slowly) to jog along ir* avanzando sin prisas or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) sin apuro
  • 2 (jolt, jerk) the bicycle jogged along the road la bicicleta iba dando tumbos por el camino the needle jogged out of its groove la aguja saltó del surco

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There are 2 translations of jog in Spanish:



  • 1 (no plural/sin plural) 1.1 [Leisure/Ocio] to go for a jog salir* a correr or a trotar or a hacer* footing or jogging
    More example sentences
    • It was early enough so that there were very few tourists around, and the people who could be seen were like us, out for a morning jog or power walk.
    • Then she changes into workout clothes and we head out for a morning jog.
    • He has his diamonds and ankle weights on and he's going for a jog.
    1.2 (pace) trote (masculine) she set off at a jog salió trotando or al trote
    More example sentences
    • Feeling better, Noca increased her pace to a jog.
    • Her face automatically brightened and her pace increased into a jog.
    • In fact, she almost seemed to increase her pace to a jog, with Becky following suit a moment after her.
  • 2 (nudge) she gave his arm a jog le sacudió el brazo, le dio en el brazo the film gave his memory a jog la película le refrescó la memoria
  • 3 (in direction) (American English/inglés norteamericano) the road makes a jog to the left el camino de pronto tuerce a la izquierda

Definition of jog in: