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American English: /dʒoʊlt/
British English: /dʒəʊlt/
, /dʒɒlt/

Translation of jolt in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • the cart jolted along the path
    el carro iba traqueteando or dando tumbos por el camino
    the train jolted, and I spilled my coffee
    el tren dio or pegó una sacudida y se me derramó el café
    Example sentences
    • After a few minutes the wagon jolted and moved on the track and then there was a sudden thud that almost made Bligh cry out in fright.
    • Tristyn screamed and jolted upward and moved her legs in a quick manner in an attempt to escape as quickly as possible.
    • All of a sudden, the ship jolted from sided to side as if a wave had tried to push it over.

transitive verb

  • 1 (jar) the sudden stop jolted me out of my seat
    el frenazo repentino me hizo salir disparado del asiento
    she jolted his arm
    le movió el brazo
    Example sentences
    • Phoenix planted his foot on the accelerator jolting the vehicle forward.
    • Renae jolted her leg forward at him, kicking Trent's legs crossed on the floor.
    • Ian twisted his body sideways and banged his hip into the frame of the chair, jolting the rear wheels over the edge of the curb.
  • 2 (shock) I was jolted by the sight
    ver aquello me sobresaltó
    this jolted him out of his inertia
    esto lo sacudió, sacándolo de su inercia
    the report jolted them into action
    el informe hizo que se dispusieran a actuar de inmediato
    Example sentences
    • Through this work, he hopes to create a sort of electric shock that will jolt the audience into seeing what hides behind the image.
    • This latest atrocity has sent a fresh shock wave to jolt us out of our complacency.
    • The sort of shock we are in now could jolt us out of our determination to squander every human and natural resource in the pursuit of money and power for some, poverty for most.


  • 1 (jar) she awoke with a jolt
    se despertó sobresaltada
    share prices have come down with a jolt this week
    las acciones han dado un bajón esta semana
    Example sentences
    • Any movement shot jolts of electricity to my toes, curling them in pain.
    • Solicitor Susan Stephenson was working on some papers when there was a violent jolt and she realised the carriage was going over.
    • Suddenly the room started shaking, then, with a violent jolt, it stopped.
  • 2 (shock) her death gave me quite a jolt
    su muerte me dejó impresionado or fue un golpe para mí
    the news brought her back to earth with a jolt
    la noticia la hizo volver a la realidad de un golpe
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