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Pronunciation: /ˈdʒʌdʒmənt/


  • 1 u c 1.1 [Law] fallo (m), sentencia (f); (in arbitration) fallo (m), laudo (m) to pass judgment on sth/sb juzgar* algo/a algn to sit in judgment over sb enjuiciar a algn
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    • A motion by the Plaintiffs for a summary judgment as to the Defendants' liability and negligence was dismissed.
    • When reviewing cases, councils will also need to take into account any fresh case law judgments from the Appeal Court that may be relevant.
    • This nuanced study of the U.K. shows how difficult it can be to really tell if Strasbourg judgments and decisions have in practice been properly executed.
    1.2 [Relig] castigo (m) de Dios the Last Judgment el Juicio Final the Day of Judgment el día del Juicio Final
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    • In this modern perspective, the death penalty expresses not the divine judgment on objective evil but rather the collective anger of the group.
    • So, Sue asked the DUP councillor, could Katrina have been a divine judgement on born-again Christians?
    • His death is the divine judgment on me and my sins which he, the blessed Lamb of God, took instead of me.
  • 2 2.1 u c (estimation) cálculo (m) 2.2 u c (view) opinión (f) I did not have enough information to form a judgment no tenía suficiente información como para formarme una opinión what's your judgment on this? ¿tú qué opinas de esto? my judgment is that … yo opino or juzgo que … I reserve judgment on that sobre eso todavía no puedo dar una opinión in my judgment a mi juicio
    More example sentences
    • The underwriter might also charge higher rates based upon subjective judgements and conclusions from their analysis of your property values.
    • Naturally, when making such decisions, one's own culture and pre-conditioned opinions and judgments are strong influences.
    • But when the public world doesn't hold to the idea of cultural value, their judgements are merely personal opinions.
  • 3 u (sense, discernment) a person of judgment una persona de criterio an error of judgment una equivocación, un desacierto I lent him the money against my better judgment le presté el dinero sabiendo que era un error
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    • That her decision was a reasonable decision, in her judgment - in his judgment, I mean.
    • Ten more patients like this simply increases the capacity for those making the decisions to make errors in their judgment.
    • He felt safe with women because they were easier in their judgment of his abilities and feelings.

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