There are 2 translations of junior in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈdʒuːnjər; ˈdʒuːniə(r)/


  • 1 1.1 (lower in rank) [official] subalterno; [position] de subalterno junior doctor médico (mf) residente junior management subdirección (f) junior minister (in (UK) ) subsecretario, -ria (m,f) junior partner socio comanditario, socia comanditaria (m,f) junior senator (in (US) )senador de más reciente elección en un estado to be junior to sb ser* subalterno de algn, estar* por debajo de algn 1.2 (younger) más joven fashion for the junior miss moda (f) para las jovencitas James D. Clark Junior (AmE) James D. Clark, hijo or junior to be junior to sb ser* menor or más joven que algn he is junior to her by two years es dos años menor que ella
  • 2 (before n) 2.1 (for younger people) [fashion/size] para jóvenes; [competition/team] juvenil, junior (adj inv) 2.2 (AmE) [Educ] de tercer año

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There are 2 translations of junior in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (younger person) which is the junior (of the two)? ¿quién de los/las dos es el/la menor? he is two years my junior, he is my junior by two years tiene dos años menos que yo, es dos años menor que yo, le llevo dos años
    More example sentences
    • In 1966 a gate charge of 20 cents was introduced, with juniors up for five cents and those under 14 admitted free.
    • Her husband Lee Hall - a Geordie five years her junior who leapt to international fame writing Billy Elliot, the story of a boy ballet dancer - leads an equally frantic life.
    • Winifred, five years his junior, moved to Keighley from Newcastle in 1933 and worked at Wolsey's wool mill.
    1.2 (person of lower rank) subalterno, -na (m,f) 1.3 (in (UK) ) [Law] abogado habilitado para alegar ante un tribunal superior, que está por debajo del Queen's Counsel en jerarquía
    More example sentences
    • I taught it to my junior who did the Blackburn Royal Commission.
    • Neither Mr Syed, the locum consultant urologist nor his junior were present.
    • The drugs are collected from the pharmacy by the specialist chemotherapy nurses and handed to the consultant or to juniors in the consultant's presence.
  • 2
    (son) (AmE) término usado para referirse o dirigirse a un hijo
    More example sentences
    • Want to send mom a DVD of junior's first Christmas?
    • And the big toy chains are hopeful that while mom and dad may cut back on other parts of the family budget, they'll continue to splurge on toys for junior.
    • The colorful PC is likely to fit junior's bedroom or playroom décor.
  • 3 3.1 [Educ] (in (US) )estudiante de tercer año de colegio secundario o universidad; (in (UK) ) alumno de primaria o de los primeros años de secundaria 3.2 [Sport] juvenil (mf), junior (mf)
    More example sentences
    • Two years before he would guide the international juniors to victory over their American counterparts with 33 points and 14 rebounds.
    • Now 18, though still young enough to compete as a junior, Sorrell has broken through.
    • As a result of some of the initiatives undertaken by the club, some young juniors are already competing at regional events.
    More example sentences
    • In the prescribed order infants, toddlers and juniors mounted Matron, were breathed upon, exchanged whispers, and given their Christmas present.
    • But the money saved by not replacing the retiring head at Carlton will allow each school to afford separate teachers for infants and juniors.
    • Play facilities specially constructed to cater for juniors and toddlers will be built next to Chiltern Primary School.
    More example sentences
    • By May of 1999, the foundation offered two scholarship programs and intensive SAT tutoring for high school juniors and seniors.
    • Currently, it enrolls approximately 2,500 high school juniors and seniors each year.
    • Choosing among programs can be quite bewildering for the rising high school junior or senior researching colleges and universities.

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