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Pronunciation: /kiːn/

adjective/adjetivo (-er, -est)

  • 1 (enthusiastic) [photographer/supporter] entusiasta; [student] aplicado, que muestra mucho interésto be keen to + infinitive/infinitivo he was keen to start work tenía muchas ganas de empezar a trabajar she wasn't keen to commit herself se mostró reacia a comprometerse, no quería comprometerse they are very keen to hear from people with similar interests tendrían sumo interés en establecer contacto con personas que tengan intereses afines she's terribly keen that he should take part tiene mucho interés en que él participeto be keen on sth/-ing (British English/inglés británico) I'm keen on travel/golf me encanta viajar/el golf he didn't seem too keen on the idea no parecía gustarle mucho la idea, no parecía estar muy entusiasmado con la idea they're keen on joining the club tienen muchas ganas de hacerse socios del clubto be keen on sb (British English/inglés británico) she's very keen on him le gusta muchísimo I'm not too keen on their sister su hermana no me cae muy bien
    More example sentences
    • He was very keen and enthusiastic about learning.
    • He was an ardent fisherman, a keen gardener, and an active naturalist.
    • The areas round the house, where the borders are filled with herbaceous plants, were the territory of his wife, Elisabeth, an equally keen gardener, who died last year.
  • 2 2.1 (sharp) [blade/edge] afilado, filoso (Latin America/América Latina) , filudo (Chile) (Peru/Perú) ; [breeze/wind] cortante 2.2 (acute) [hearing] muy fino; [sight] agudo, muy bueno; [wit/intelligence] agudo a keen sense of smell un agudo sentido del olfato she has a keen eye for business tiene mucha visión or [colloquial/familiar] mucho ojo para los negocios we need somebody with a keen eye for detail necesitamos una persona observadora y detallista a keen understanding of the problem una comprensión cabal del problema keen observers of the political scene perspicaces observadores de la escena política
    More example sentences
    • With their poor eyesight and keen sense of smell, they can get dangerously close.
    • They have keen hearing and good senses of vision and smell.
    • The sense of smell is keen and the snout is used to probe when searching for food.
    More example sentences
    • Of course, it takes a keen military intellect to understand the strategic importance of blowing up empty buildings.
    • He had a gentle, kindly manner, twinkling eyes and quick smile, a keen sense of humour and a penetrating wit.
    • His sharp intellect, keen wit and urbane presence have been an asset of varying value to the Labour Party for almost 40 years.
    2.3 (intense, strong) [competition] muy reñido; [interest/desire] vivo he has a keen appetite tiene muy buen apetito
    More example sentences
    • Among Earnhardt's many passions was a keen love of deer hunting, fishing, and recreational activities.
    • Cricket was my keen interest, my passion and my everlasting love.
    • The league is set to provide a lot of interest and keen competition among the enthusiasts.
    2.4 (competitive) (British English/inglés británico) competitivo
    More example sentences
    • Most well-run companies will have mainstream costs under control and will have professional buyers negotiating keen prices for all raw materials.
    • Prices are keen, starting at €19,500 for the 1.4 litre saloon and an extra €200 for the estate body.
    • Ex-company cars at two to three years old can represent very good value for money if bought at keen prices, as they will have been serviced regularly under a lease plan.
    More example sentences
    • Seizing an opportunity, he slashed upwards with his knife, the keen edge of his blade taking grip on the dog's neck.
    • After many modifications, the end result is an extremely tough, durable and sturdy blade that retains a keen edge over many years.
    • I stared at the knife in my hand for a long time, turning it over and over in my hands, admiring the keen edge and the gleaming metal that made the blade.
    More example sentences
    • The day was blessed with bright sunshine, although a keen wind cut through Windsor's streets.
    • Gone was Friday's bright sunshine, replaced by cloud and a keen wind that made hardy souls of those camped out overnight outside Westminster Abbey or along The Mall.
    • The steering arm thrums under their hand, the deck heaves beneath their feet and the keen salt wind cuts like a knife through even a good sealskin cloak.

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