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kid 1

American English: /kɪd/
British English: /kɪd/


  • 1 countable [colloquial] 1.1 (child)
    niño, (-ña) (masculine, feminine)
    chaval, (-vala) (masculine, feminine) (Spain) (Mexico) [colloquial]
    chavalo, (-vala) (masculine, feminine) (Central America) [colloquial]
    escuincle, (-cla) (Mexico) [colloquial]
    pibe, (-ba) (masculine, feminine) (River Plate area) [colloquial]
    cabro, (-bra) (masculine, feminine) (Chile) [colloquial]
    botija (masculine or feminine) (Uruguay) [colloquial]
    they've got two kids
    tienen dos hijos ( or chavales etc)
    I loved swimming as a kid
    de pequeño or (Latin America tb) cuando era chico me encantaba nadar
    to be kid o kid's stuff
    (easy) estar tirado [colloquial]
    ser un juego de niños
    (lit: for children) ser cosa de niños
    (before noun) my kid brother
    mi hermano menor or pequeño or (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • Near me was sitting a woman with two kids - a toddler girl on her lap and a boy of about three next to her.
    • The two of us mothers were not sure if my boy kid and her girl kid would get along and go sledding while we skied, but we risked it.
    • Grateful kids at Whitmore Infant School in Basildon have been packing into the seated area since the structure went up.
    1.2 (young person)
    chico, (-ca) (masculine, feminine)
  • 2 2.1 countable (goat)
    cabrito, (-ta) (masculine, feminine)
    choto, (-ta) (masculine, feminine)
    Example sentences
    • He ignored the oxen like they did not exist and treated the goat kids like they were young colts.
    • The family's goat kids shared the dwelling so they wouldn't freeze to death in their first winter.
    • The Tamil original is sprinkled with evocative and lovely terms like poongkuttigal for goat kids.
    2.2 uncountable (leather) glove
    Example sentences
    • I pointed to a pair of wine-red kid leather Dolce & Gabbana pumps.
    • In her studio she showed us rich, Italian kid leathers, Florentine papers, artisanal glues and brushes.
    • The faces are made of silk or kid leather, molded and enhanced with embroidered or painted details.
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There are 2 entries that translate kid into Spanish:

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kid 2

also: -dd-

intransitive verb

  • [colloquial] don't get upset, I was only kidding
    no te pongas así, estaba bromeando or era en broma
    he was 92, no kidding!
    ¡tenía 92 años, te lo juro!
    I've won the lottery — no kidding!
    ¡me ha tocado la lotería! — ¡no me digas!
    Example sentences
    • At first I thought he was just kidding around, as did everyone else, but he was genuinely challenging the lecturers, at points raising his voice and even banging on the desk like a child that wasn't getting it's way.
    • He laughs again to show he's not posturing, he's kidding around.
    • He kids around, annoying Mike and amusing Frank.

transitive verb

  • 1 (tease)to kid somebody (about something)
    tomarle el pelo a alguien (con algo)
    he's just kidding you on o along o (American English also) around
    te está tomando el pelo
    Example sentences
    • My dad used to kid her and tease her about it on election day.
    • How I would kid him about all the air time and the praise he was getting.
    • I'm around other people's fathers and Ayesha's father used to tease me and Anya, Anya especially, and we kidded him right back.
  • 2 (deceive) who do you think you're kidding?
    ¿a quién te crees que estás engañando?
    you can't kid me it was just an oversight
    a mí no me vas a hacer creer que se te pasó por alto
    you're kidding yourself if …
    te engañas si …
    don't kid yourself!
    ¡no te hagas ilusiones!
    stop kidding yourself!
    ¡abre los ojos!
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