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American English: /kɪl/
British English: /kɪl/

Translation of kill in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (cause death of) (person/animal)
    dar muerte a [formal]
    you'll get yourself killed
    te van a matar
    he killed himself
    se suicidó
    you'll kill yourself driving like that
    te vas a matar manejando de esa manera
    te vas a matar conduciendo de esa manera (Spain)
    he was killed by the rebels
    lo mataron los rebeldes
    fue muerto por los rebeldes [formal]
    she was killed in a car crash
    se mató or murió en un accidente de coche
    nine people were killed in the fire
    nueve personas resultaron muertas en el incendio
    he was killed in the war
    murió en la guerra
    the disease kills thousands every year
    la enfermedad se cobra miles de víctimas anualmente
    it was drink that killed him
    la bebida acabó con él
    I'll kill him if he wakes me up!
    ¡como me despierte lo mato! [colloquial]
    ¡como me despierte me lo cargo! (Spain) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Fish farmers are licensed to kill predators that threaten their nets, pens and fish.
    • He paid tribute to the two soldiers killed in the crash.
    • Hamlet is able to avenge his father's death by killing his uncle.
  • 2 2.1 (destroy)
    acabar con
    her arrival killed the conversation stone dead
    con su llegada se cortó la conversación en seco
    Example sentences
    • It showed the disease was still prevalent in the run-up to autumn and had not been killed off by recent warm weather, he said.
    • The old Mini was effectively killed off in 1999 by safety and emissions regulations.
    • The brave little boy went through six weeks of radiotherapy then another six months of chemotherapy before the cancer was finally killed off.
    Example sentences
    • Any hopes Birmingham had of getting back into the match were killed off by Wayne Rooney with a 78th minute goal.
    • Nevertheless, it does mean we're in for a tedious few months as the singles sales chart is finally killed off.
    • The suspended bill is then voted on by those registered to vote and if the majority vote against the bill, it is killed off.
    2.2 (quash) [colloquial]
    acabar con
    the opposition failed to kill the bill
    la oposición no logró estrangular el proyecto de ley
    2.3 (spoil)
    Example sentences
    • The incessant spread of globalization is killing the very qualities of distinctiveness and diversity of our differing cultures that make this world such a special place to live in.
    • Do not refrigerate tomatoes, or you'll kill the taste.
    • This is corporate committee think, and committees always kill creativity.
    2.4 (deaden)
    2.5 (use up) I went for a walk to kill time
    fui a dar un paseo para matar el tiempo
    I had an hour to kill
    tenía una hora sin nada que hacer
  • 3 [colloquial] 3.1 (cause discomfort)
    matar [colloquial]
    my feet/shoes are killing me
    los pies/zapatos me están matando [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I'm a bit tired today, knees and ankles are killing me from all the walking I did last night, but it was well worth it.
    • But at least the new scenarios don't kill you trying to keep guests happy.
    • There is no electricity, no water, the heat is killing us.
    3.2 (tire out, exhaust)
    matar [colloquial]
    all this work is killing me
    tanto trabajo me está matando [colloquial]
    don't kill yourself! [ironic]
    ¡cuidado, no te vayas a herniar! [ironic]
    Example sentences
    • What you realise is you don't win any medals by killing yourself.
    • Doing an OK job and getting 2% makes far better economic sense when compared to killing yourself and getting 3%.
    • Figure that as a percentage of your take home and it becomes evident that you're killing yourself with work and family for - literally - nothing.
    3.3 (amuse, shock) their jokes kill me
    me muero de risa con sus chistes
    me mato de risa con sus chistes (Latin America)
    what killed me was the callous way he said it
    lo que me mató fue la brutalidad con la que lo dijo
  • 4 (switch off) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • She killed the engine and climbed out.
    • I ticked halfway down this service road and stopped the van and killed the lights.
    • The motorcyclist killed his engine and dismounted.
  • 5 (consume) [colloquial]we killed a bottle of brandy
    nos liquidamos una botella de coñac [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • A sad thing is going up to the bar to pour your last glass of whiskey, then discovering your first glass killed the bottle.
    • They killed the bottle in half an hour.
  • 6 6.1 (in tennis, squash)
    6.2 (in soccer)
    Example sentences
    • A long ball in from Ball was killed by the Dutchman, who turned and hit it beyond the helpless Arthur.
    • He penalised us senseless out there and they were killing so much ball.
    • When the ball came off my foot on the 50-yard try, I knew I had enough distance because I killed the ball.
  • 7 (Computing)
    Example sentences
    • Why I should have the right to kill a malicious process on your machine
    • It also defeats all known firewalls, killing the running process, replacing the firewall icon, and allowing a stealth FTP connection.
    • Users have to first kill the Msblast.exe process in Windows Task Manager before they can get anywhere.
    Example sentences
    • If activated it will kill DLL files related to the updating components of various anti-virus programs.
    • So I saved the space by killing all the widow lines; I could cut a word and save a line.
    • That makes it difficult for such users to commit themselves to deleting files and decisions have to be made about what files to kill and what files to keep.

intransitive verb

  • she was dressed to kill
    se había vestido para matar or para dejar a todos boquiabiertos [colloquial]


  • 1 countable (act) the lion closed in for the kill
    el león se aprestó a caer sobre su presa
    he went in for the kill
    entró a matar
    to be in at the kill
    estar presente en el momento culminante
    Example sentences
    • Had he taken the time to do this before, he would easily have made a kill during his journey that day, as the valley was rich with wildlife.
    • The sport itself is not in the kill, but in the chase.
    • But many hunts say there are enough options within the law to allow foxes, hares and deer to be legally chased by hounds, though guns may be used for the kill.
  • 2 uncountable (animal, animals killed)
    Example sentences
    • Given a continuing rise in the kill over the past two weeks, parity with the weekly kill in 2004 will be reached by the middle of this month.
    • This was how he had learned to be able to keep a kill for himself.
    • Then the kill is cut up and divided among members of the boat clan, as well as the sail-makers and boatbuilders.

Phrasal verbs

kill off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
the surviving members of the tribe were killed off by this disease
esta enfermedad mató a or acabó con los sobrevivientes de la tribu
they were killed off by the invaders
fueron exterminados por los invasores
acid rain is killing off these forests
la lluvia ácida está acabando con or está destruyendo estas selvas
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