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Pronunciation: /kɪŋ/


  • 1 (ruler) rey (masculine) Christ the King Cristo Rey the Book of Kings [Bible/Biblia] el Libro de los Reyes to live like a king vivir como un rey the king of beasts el rey de los animales or de la selva the king of jazz el rey del jazz a king's ransom un dineral the king of the castle el amo y señor
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    • Subsequently, Akbar assimilated cultural patterns from earlier rulers, including sultanate kings and Rajput rulers.
    • At one time, traditional societies greatly recognised people born to their positions as chiefs, kings or emperors.
    • They follow leaders - queens or kings, chiefs or emperors.
  • 2 (in cards, chess) rey (m); (in checkers) dama (f)
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    • The first king to move must therefore step back from his pawn, leaving him no longer able to protect it (the rules of chess forbid the kings moving within one square of each other).
    • Yet by touching the king first, the player might be obligated to move the king to another square if he can legally do so.
    • That is the manoeuvrist approach in its purest form: it may be likened to checkmating an opponent's king in chess.
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    • This rule, known as flying kings, is not used in English draughts, in which a king's only advantage over a man is the ability to move and capture backwards as well as forwards.
    • The men move and take as at draughts, except that in capturing they move either forwards or backwards like a draught king.
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    • You should generally try to avoid playing aces, kings, queens and jacks except when capturing or building with them.
    • Most of the things I threw in the circular file, but one thing that caught my attention, was a magnet that looked exactly like the king of hearts playing card.
    • Most tricks in game contracts are won by trumps or side suit kings.

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