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American English: /nɑt/
British English: /nɒt/

Translation of knot in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (in string, tie, hair) to tie/untie a knot
    hacer/deshacer un nudo
    to put or tie a knot in one's handkerchief
    hacer un nudo en el pañuelo (para no olvidarse de algo)
    pull the knot tight
    aprieta bien el nudo
    I can't get the knots out of my hair
    no logro desenredarme el pelo
    the marriage knot
    el lazo or vínculo matrimonial
    I had a knot in my stomach
    tenía un nudo en el estómago
    to tie somebody up in knots
    enredar or liar a alguien
    to tie the knot [colloquial]
    when are you tying the knot?
    ¿para cuándo es el casorio? [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • He tightened the knot on his tie and brushed an imagined piece of lint off his uniform jacket.
    • It is a good idea to tie knots in the rope or cloth about 1 ft. apart, this will provide a more secure climbing surface.
    • It is simple enough to tie a knot in a piece of string.
    Example sentences
    • The construction of fishing nets is similar to that of recent years and it is only necessary to master the use of only two knots: the clove-hitch and the sheet-bend.
    • Rebecca came and stood behind him watching with great pleasure as he mastered the perfect knot.
    • For attaching your leader to fly line, my advice is use the simple nail knot.
    Example sentences
    • Her hair was tangled in knots, she was pale, and her eyes were bloodshot.
    • This braid is a lot more difficult to accomplish if your hair has tangles or knots.
    • His brown hair was an unruly mass of tangles and knots.
    1.2 (in muscles)
    Example sentences
    • I smacked my arm into a doorknob really hard, and there's a knot in the muscle of the forearm now.
    • Then his hands began to work into Jake's muscles gently and slowly working out knots and tension.
    • From a seated position, curl one dumbbell up, feeling the muscles in your arm bunch up in a strong, searing knot as you reach the top and pause.
    1.3 (in wood, tree)
    Example sentences
    • Longitudinal sections of tree trunks contain knots that preserve the history of branching and can be used to interpret stand dynamics.
    • The casket was made from boards with no knots from an evergreen tree.
    • Daniel ran a hand through his hair and stared at the cedar desk, absently tracing a knot in the wood with his finger.
    1.4 (cluster) a knot of people
    un puñado de personas
    Example sentences
    • Back in the pub, a knot of Scots to the side of the big screen became as bored as the English fans with a less-than-exciting match.
    • A knot of people gathered in Main Street to watch the waters slowly begin to rise again.
    • After a short time they came across a knot of people gathered outside a church.
  • 2 (measure of speed) at a rate of knots (British) [colloquial]
    a toda mecha [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The area had been hit by heavy rainstorms with wind speeds of about 10 knots per hour, which had caused the sea level to rise by about 1.5 meters.
    • Winds of 76 knots or 140 kph were recorded at the Naval Weather and Oceanography Centre on the Sunday afternoon.
    • There had been a storm warning at 1.15 p.m., with the wind speed touching 50 knots and the waves rising up to 25 feet.

transitive verb present participle knotting past tense, past participle knotted

  • (rope/thread)
    hacer un nudo en
    to knot two things together
    anudar dos cosas
    Example sentences
    • It would make a big difference if people would just followed simple steps such as putting all rubbish in a black bin bag, which should be knotted to prevent any overspill.
    • He had been strangled with a piece of a T-shirt which had been knotted at the back of his neck.
    • Investigators also found some ties that had been knotted together and believe Yu had intended to use them as a rope before deciding to use electrical cord instead.

intransitive verb present participle knotting past tense, past participle knotted

  • hacerse un nudo
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