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American English: /lænd/
British English: /land/

Translation of land in Spanish:


Land of my Fathers (Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau)
  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (Geography) land reclaimed from the sea
    tierra ganada al mar
    over land and sea
    por tierra y por mar
    we sighted land
    divisamos or avistamos tierra
    on dry land
    en tierra firme
    land ho!
    ¡tierra a la vista!
    to know the lie or lay of the land
    saber qué terreno se pisa
    to see how the land lies to spy out the land
    reconocer el terreno
    (before noun) (animal/defenses)
    de tierra
    land forces
    fuerzas (feminine plural) terrestres or de tierra
    land reclamation
    reclamación (feminine) de tierras
    Example sentences
    • The way solar radiation is absorbed by the Earth's surface depends primarily on whether the surface is land or sea.
    • There are 26,000 million insects living in every square mile of habitable land on Earth.
    • When the Earth is viewed from space on a cloudless day, all that can be seen are the edges of land, sea and icecaps.
    1.2 (ground, property) this is my land
    estas son mis tierras
    esta es mi propiedad
    a plot of land
    un terreno
    una parcela
    land management
    administración (feminine) de fincas
    land use
    uso (masculine) de la tierra
    1.3 (Farming)the land
    la tierra
    to live off/work on the land
    vivir de/trabajar la tierra
    to return to the land
    volver al campo
    the exodus from the land
    el éxodo rural
    Example sentences
    • Edna Beard fell in love with the countryside while working the land to feed a nation at war.
    • She is a country person who believes in using the products of the land.
    • Savory also noted that too much rest was as bad for the land as too much grazing.
    Example sentences
    • Lumbered with crippling debt, many farmers left the land, paving the way for the corporatization of agriculture.
    • The programme, Clarissa and the Countryman, paid homage to the land and its food producers.
    • But the growth of population was in the towns, and labourers left the land for the cities.
  • 2 countable (country, realm) [literary] throughout the land
    en todo el país ( or reino etc. )
    in the land of make-believe
    en el mundo de la fantasía
    the land of milk and honey
    el paraíso terrenal
    to be in the land of Nod
    estar dormido
    estar haciendo nana [child language]
    estar haciendo nono (Río de la Plata) [child language]
    estar haciendo tuto (Chile) [child language]
    to be in the land of the living [humorous]
    estar vivito y coleando [humorous]
    Example sentences
    • They are fleeing from the dire economic and social circumstances in their own lands to countries that offer them a better future.
    • Publishers would have to take account of the law of every land on Earth.
    • As he travelled across the land evangelizing at revival meetings he took the lads with him.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (Aerospace, Aviation)
    (on the moon) alunizar
    (on water) acuatizar
    in a few minutes we shall be landing at … airport
    en breves momentos tomaremos or tocaremos tierra en el aeropuerto de …
    Example sentences
    • The aircraft was immediately landed thereafter and the airframe was inspected.
    • The crew landed the aircraft without further incident.
    • With enemy cavalry approaching, LT McNamara landed his own aircraft under heavy fire.
    1.2 (fall) it landed on its side
    cayó de lado
    the ball landed in the pond
    la pelota cayó en el estanque
    to land badly/heavily
    caer mal/pesadamente
    I didn't mean to land on you like this [colloquial]
    no quería caerte así, de improviso [colloquial]
    no quería caerte así, de paracaidista (Latin America) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • You'd need to create a diversion, by throwing a rock that lands behind them, making a noise and distracting them temporarily.
    • He then grabbed my flashlight and threw it so it landed right by my purse.
    • I dropped my fork on the glass plate and it landed with a small ‘clank’.
  • 2 (arrive, end up) [colloquial]
    ir a parar [colloquial]
    it probably landed in the bin
    probablemente haya ido a parar a la basura [colloquial]

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (from sea)
    Example sentences
    • When the operation settled down, the boats landed some excellent catches at New Plymouth.
    • The work will allow boats and barges to land cargo in bad weather because the planned site is sheltered by the reef.
    • Free French officers were landed by air and boat to negotiate the port's peaceful transfer, but they received a hostile response as did an advance landing party.
    1.2 (from air)
    hacer aterrizar
  • 2 2.1 (in fishing)
    sacar del agua
    Example sentences
    • Pat Gannon landed his first Salmon of the season, a nice 10.5 lb fish at the Gannon fishery.
    • International golfer Mark O'Meara was one of those to land a summer salmon, when he hooked and landed an 11 lb fish on the 5th.
    • Some very good fish have been landed in the past week, with more being hooked and lost.
    2.2 (win, obtain)
    Example sentences
    • It was in 1997 that Chris won his first major prize in an open competition by landing the President's Cup and the awards have come thick and fast since then.
    • Dermot Weld's feat in landing a second Melbourne Cup is a remarkable achievement.
    • He blindsided the competition by landing Wolfgang Reitzle to run the Premier Auto Group.
    Example sentences
    • In round 1, Donis landed a hard right hook that was his most significant punch of the round.
    • It is possible that when the fight statistics are scrutinised that Arias, the Brazilian heavyweight champion, will have a tally of punches landed in single figures.
    • Raymond, enraged at being laughed at, charged forward and tried landing the first strike.
    2.3 (strike home) [colloquial]
  • 3 (burden) [colloquial]to land somebody with something/somebody, to land something/somebody on somebody
    endilgarle or encajarle algo/a alguien a alguien [colloquial]
    I got landed with the bill
    me endilgaron or me encajaron la cuenta [colloquial]
    me hicieron cargar con el muerto [colloquial]
    he got landed with the kids
    le endilgaron or le encajaron a los niños [colloquial]
    I have landed myself with a lot of problems
    me he metido en un montón de problemas
    he's been landed on us for the weekend
    nos lo han endilgado or encajado a nosotros para el fin de semana [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Good Friday became bad Friday for one group of Chessington residents when they were landed with £320 in parking fines.
    • Smith has been landed with ‘extortionate’ water bills - because travellers are taking water from his supply.
    • His tip-off to police landed Bailey with a five-year jail sentence when he appeared at York Crown Court.
  • 4 (cause to end up) [colloquial]to land somebody in somethingthat venture finally landed her in prison
    con aquel negocio fue a parar a la cárcel [colloquial]
    to land somebody/oneself in trouble/a mess
    meter a alguien/meterse en problemas/en un lío [colloquial]
    he is sure to land himself in debt
    seguro que termina endeudado
    now you've landed me in it!
    ¡ahora sí que me has metido en una buena! [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • This ambivalence toward their own goals in life can land them in difficult situations.
    • That lands you in a really difficult scientific problem.
    • It is less about the theatre production and more about the actors, their history and how it landed them in this current situation.

Phrasal verbs

land up

verb + adverb
[colloquial]to land up in jail
ir a parar a la cárcel [colloquial]
to land up in trouble
terminar mal
we finally landed up in Boston
al final fuimos a dar a Boston
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