There are 2 translations of lap in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /læp/


  • 1 (of body) falda (f), regazo (m) [literario/literary] he sat on his father's lap se sentó en la falda or en las rodillas de su padre he dropped the problem in my lap me pasó el problema, me endilgó el problema [familiar/colloquial] in the lap of luxury en un lujo asiático we spent a week in the lap of luxury pasamos una semana a cuerpo de rey or en un lujo asiático to be in the lap of the gods their fate is in the lap of the gods su destino queda librado al azar we've done all we could, now it's in the lap of the gods hemos hecho todo lo que podíamos, ahora Dios dirá or que sea lo que Dios quiera to fall o drop into sb's lap caerle* como llovido del cielo a algn it won't fall into your lap no te va a caer como llovido del cielo
    More example sentences
    • The lower portion of the belt should be flat across the lap and as low as possible on the hip so that the impact is spread across the hip-bones rather than the abdomen.
    • His head lies on her lap with his arms wrapped around her waist.
    • I turned towards Alex and sat down on his lap with my knees on either side of his body, facing him.
    More example sentences
    • You've got to like wind in the trees, sun on the water, the lap of waves against rock.
    • All he could hear was the wind sighing in the trees and the soft lap of water against the wall surrounding the lake.
    • He listened to the ship, hearing the creaking and the lap of water against the hull.
  • 2 2.1 [Sport] vuelta (f) lap of honor vuelta de honor 2.2 (stage) etapa (f) the first lap of the journey la primera etapa del viaje
    More example sentences
    • The Brahmaputra, in the last lap of its journey to the Bay of Bengal, bifurcates into a number of channels in the district.
    • We motored down from Kochi, but had to cover the last lap of the journey by motor boat along a narrow canal.
    • All talk of the war being over was nonsense, and here were the trucks to take them on the first lap of their journey to death.
    More example sentences
    • He also holds the track record for most laps led by a race winner, 162.
    • The Stewart household has an old videotape, which contains just the final three laps of a track race in 1970.
    • Unfortunately it wasn't to be as he spun off the track on the sixth lap of the race.
    More example sentences
    • It also had an eight-lane pool were people swam laps and dove on the diving board.
    • They all started swimming their laps around the pool.
    • If swimming some laps at the local pool isn't hardcore enough for you, there's no better time to join a gym and replace that hour on the couch with an hour on the treadmill.

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There are 2 translations of lap in Spanish:


vt (-pp-)

  • 1 [Sport] [opponent] sacarle* una vuelta de ventaja a
  • 2 [water/milk] beber a lengüetazos
    More example sentences
    • ‘I heard one of my dogs lapping water out of a tree when we was up back of my cabin last week,’ he drawled.
    • On its own, it is rather disturbing and baffling, in particular the clip where a tiny man is licking the camera lens, which turns into a cat lapping up a saucer of milk.
    • Adele looks him over like a cat lapping up cream, obviously finding little fault with his appearance.

vi (-pp-)

  • 1 [Sport] dar* la vuelta
    More example sentences
    • If riders were lapped, they were required to pull out of the race.
    • If not, during the race I lapped Rubens, so I guess the Bridgestone weren't that competitive at the end, compared with the Michelin.
    • At one point I thought she was going to be the first person to be lapped in a 100m race.
    More example sentences
    • With the competitors lapping once every three minutes and racing in total for over an hour there is plenty of spectacular action.
    • As the laps unwound, the pack split into two groups and the leaders were lapping slower competitors by the ninth lap.
    • Maldonado scored some very fast laps and took a good advantage, lapping 2/3 tenths faster than all the other drivers.
  • 2 (splash) chapalear to lap against sth lamer or besar algo [literario/literary]

Phrasal verbs

lap up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 (drink) [milk/water] beber a lengüetazos 1.2 (relish) deleitarse or regodearse con he told the most obscene jokes and the audience lapped it all up contó los chistes más obscenos y el público se deleitó or se regodeó con ellos

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