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American English: /læps/
British English: /laps/

Translation of lapse in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (fault, error) a security lapse
    una falla en el sistema de seguridad
    un fallo or descuido en el sistema de seguridad (Spain)
    a lapse of concentration
    una falta de concentración
    un descuido
    to have a lapse of memory
    tener una falla de memoria
    tener un fallo de memoria (Spain)
    tener un lapsus (de memoria)
    an astonishing lapse of taste
    una sorprendente falta de gusto
    Example sentences
    • People with Huntington's find they have a lack of concentration, short-term memory lapses and problems with orientation.
    • Another problem with skimping on sleep is lack of concentration and lapses in memory.
    • His brief lapse in concentration costs him a nick across the chest.
    1.2 (slip, decline)lapse from somethingit was her one lapse from the straight and narrow
    fue su único desliz
    fue la única vez que se apartó del buen camino
    a lapse from grace
    una caída en desgracia
    lapse into somethingher sudden lapse into silence surprised me
    su repentino silencio me sorprendió
    the ending is spoiled by a lapse into sentimentality
    el final se resiente por caer en lo sentimental
    Example sentences
    • It was a shocking lapse from the usually solid stopper and completely knocked the wind out of City's sails.
    • A general correlation between an agent's lapse from virtue and her decline from flourishing is enough for some purposes.
    • The report found ‘serious lapses in standards’ in relation to Mr X's dignity and respect in being left on a corridor for a lengthy period in just his vest and pyjama bottoms.
  • 2 (interval) a considerable lapse of time
    un considerable lapso de tiempo
    there was a lapse in the conversation
    se hizo un silencio en la conversación
    Example sentences
    • There was a very considerable lapse of time between the initial offences and trial causing difficulty for prosecution and defence.
    • The lapse of time before the first written sources is considerable.
    • Given the lapse of time and considerations of natural justice and cost, resolved that no further disciplinary action be taken by the university.
  • 3 (expiry) the lapse of the contract
    la caducidad del contrato
    Example sentences
    • It is not there to punish prosecutors for administrative lapses; it is there to protect defendants by ensuring that they are kept in prison awaiting trial no longer than is justifiable.
    • It was accepted by the respondent that his managerial performance exhibited regrettable lapses and the tribunal can only wholeheartedly agree.
    • So far as they clearly thought this was a serious lapse which they describe as the Appellant abandoning his patient when her condition was still serious, their Lordships entirely agree.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (fall, slip) standards have lapsed
    el nivel ha decaído
    to lapse from somethingshe lapsed from her customary courteousness
    dejó de lado su cortesía habitual
    the Kingdom has lapsed from its former glory [literary]
    el Reino ha perdido su antigua gloria
    to lapse into somethinghe lapsed into silence
    se calló
    se quedó callado
    to lapse into bad habits
    adquirir malos hábitos
    to lapse into unconsciousness she lapsed into French/the local dialect
    empezó a hablar en francés/el dialecto local
    a lapsed Catholic
    un católico que ha dejado de practicar
  • 2 2.1 (cease)
    caer en desuso
    his concentration lapsed
    se desconcentró
    perdió la concentración
    Example sentences
    • Interest in family, work, and daily activities can lapse.
    • With all the organisation involved, my training has lapsed slightly.
    • His closest friends had no time for biblical Christianity, his church attendance lapsed, and his work became increasingly secular, including writing for the theatre.
    2.2 (expire)
    Example sentences
    • That is, if an agreement can be reached in Helsinki, its claim for independence will lapse.
    • The two Asian neighbours resumed trade relations officially in 1978 after the 1954 trade agreement lapsed in 1962, due to a short-lived border conflict.
    • In the event, the agreement lapsed and no vehicles were constructed.
  • 3 (pass) several hours had lapsed
    habían transcurrido varias horas
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